An Bang - New beach option when traveling to Hoi An

03, December, 2015

An Bang - New beach option when traveling to Hoi An

Located on the heritage road of central Vietnam, Hoi An is famous for its ancient streets, old buildings mingling Western, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese architecture. Besides that, Hoi An is also well-known for its natural beaches, in which Cua Dai is very beautiful, popular and just near from Hoi An Ancient Town and especially, An Bang is a new beach option to add on your Vietnam tour packages.

An Bang Beach is definitely a beach paradise and surely suitable for Vietnam family vacation and Vietnam couple's vacation who want to escape the bustle and hustle atmosphere and look for a quiet and intimate beach getaway. Until now, An Bang Beach still remains mostly unspoilt by development and offers clean blue sea. From Hoi An Ancient Town, it takes around 5Km to An Bang Beach. Best time for stay in An Bang Beach is from March to September with dry season and the average temperature of 30 degree C.

Not like Cua Dai Beach with luxurious hotels, resorts and restaurants, etc, An Bang Beach is just adorned by unique beach properties. The two most beautiful accommodations in An Bang Beach are Hoi An Beach Rentals and An Bang Seaside Village. Hoi An Beach Rental is combined Vietnamese artwork, antiques and cultural traditions that are very close to the natural beauty of the beach, whereas An Bang Seaside Village is a type of home-stay and was renovated from a fishing village.

Besides relaxing on the peaceful and quiet beach, you can join some interesting activities when traveling to Hoi An and An Bang Beach. If it will be your Vietnam family travel, you should arrange a sunset family beach barbecues as you can find the best seafood in Hoi An. Or you can discover the daily life of local fishermen which will surely leave you unique experience. It is also a good chance to hunt for sunrise and sunset photos with local fishing boats.