Amazing beer culture in Vietnam

08, December, 2015

Amazing beer culture in Vietnam

Beer drinking has become a culture in Vietnam and a wonderful experience for travellers  when travel to Vietnam. Since the foreigners got introduced to this alcoholic beverage in 1900s. Vietnam is one of the countries that consume the highest amount of beer in the world.

Vietnam has been far famous for its unique and varied natural beauties, associated with the vigorous changes in people’s life. Apart from these, the richness in culture also appears as Vietnam’s enchantment. It promises a journey with full of wonderful hands-on experiences. A traveller, there is a joke that: “Once visiting Vietnam, beside “Pho”, “Beerculture” is the other experience that you must try ever in your life”.

In a tropical country like Vietnam where it is constantly hot and humid year round, beer is wildly popular for its taste and coolness, which can immediately freeze the heat and thirst. Firstly, in Vietnam, you can feel “Beer” culture in every corner, at anytime. Regardless of morning, lunch, afternoon, evening or even at night, it is not hard to witness dozens of people having beer. The locals suppose thatone cup of beer can help to live up the mood and cool down pressure of their daily life. Therefore, they are willing to stop by any shop available, just to take a drink. It can be said that beer-drinking culture has completely been a milestone in Vietnamese life. Another difference is that the price of beer here is surprisingly cheap. Just an average of 12,000 VND (approximately $0.5), you can afford a cup of tasty beer. Basically, spending only $1 can help you to get over the humid and hot weather of Vietnam in the summer refreshingly. Additionally, accompanied foods like peanut with shell or fried sour roll are also offered at reasonable price.

Some of the famous beer spots include the Old Quarter in Hanoi and the Pham Ngu Lao area in Ho Chi Minh City , a busy confluence of foreign tourists and English-speaking Vietnamese known informally as bia hoi corner. Sampling a  tasty beer on the plastic chairs on the sidewalk is a normal pastime for locals and this is when you’ll get chance to practice your Vietnamese and get some Vietnam travel tips from local people or other travellers ...

Do not worry about the language barriers, because the locals here are able to handle communication with foreigners well. Last but not least, the fact that every one, despite of age, gender and generation can gather to enjoy, beer also contributes to the increasing significance in Vietnam culture.