Cyclo – an original traveling vehicle in Sai Gon

11, December, 2015

Cyclo – an original traveling vehicle in Sai Gon

Recently, the movement of Saigon Tourist cyclo at night suddenly becomes flourished. Pedicabs make the foreigners tourists fall in love and always are excited about traveling by this type of vehicle. Many pictures of tourists sitting on pedicabs for a roam have been becoming increasingly familiar. Cyclo tour is also one of the particularities of Viet Nam. Travel to Vietnam, you should not ignore this particular transport for your tourism.

Tourism Cyclo is different from normal ones by its "equipment". Tourism Cyclo is generally quite clean and has fitted roof. Besides factors of vehicle, there is the human factor. The cyclo for picking up tourists is usually quite polite and enthusiastic. Sometimes cyclos also have uniforms like Saigontourist or some permanent fleets in front of the five star hotels. They have memorized some point tourism addresses as well as many famous restaurants, hotels and ready to introduce to their clients.

Reportedly, the trip has the starting point in the hotel to pick up foreign tourists, the group will run along the Le Duan Street, over Notre Dame, come for a big tour and the final destination is Bitexco Tower. It is available on a 50 seat vehicle to pick up and take away the whole tourists. Some drivers are rather good at speaking English and give the enthusiastic instruction to their customers. This not only shows the friendliness toward visitors, but also brings up to these drivers a little more money called “tip” if they serve some fortunate guests.

Like any form of public transport in the city, a cyclo can be rented for a short trip or by the hour for longer trips. The short trip only takes about 20,000 vnd for each. A long Saigon Cyclo trip can be hired for 50,000 to 100,000 VND per hour. Visiting Ho Chi Minh City with the excursion the beauty scenes on the streets by a cyclo, tourists will have a very interesting experience. Particularly in the rush pace of life today, sitting on the cyclo slowly sight many well – known scenes and people on the streets will give visitors a sense that is more than excitement.

However, the travellers should also pay attention to preserve their luggage carefully, do not hang them in two sides of the vehicle, may be it will be a prey to theft or robbery there! One thing to note is that you should only take the Cyclo trip in the early morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the hot weather of Saigon! Bring a hat, jacket, water and even an umbrella, in case for the rainy weather suddenly in Sai Gon!

Tourism cyclo is a unique culture characteristic in Vietnam, especially in Saigon. It was a fun artistic entertainment and also the moment to create a difference for your vacation to Viet Nam.

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