Sapa family tour

12, December, 2015

Sapa family tour

Sapa is one of the best places for family travel in Vietnam as the mountainous areas are blessed with rugged sceneries of lush mountain ranges, hill tribe villages and cool atmosphere. Especially, your kids will get unique experience by watching the simple living conditions of local ethnic people, discovering their distinctive lifestyle or playing and chatting with ethnic kids. Now, it is not difficult to plan a sapa tour as it is a popular destination with diversified information on the internet. However, a best Sapa family tour will require exact and full information than confused data from different sources. As a leading tour operator in Vietnam and an expert in organizing tour in Sapa, we can give you all necessary information.

Firstly, it is about transportation from Hanoi to Sapa and that there are two ways: by car and by train. For family tour with small kids, it is better to travel to Sapa by train as it will be not tired for both parents and kids than traveling by car. But if your kids are teenager, it is better to go by express bus or by private car as you can see beautiful landscapes on both sides of the roads.

Hotels in Sapa are diversified and ranged from homestay, guest-house, mini-hotel to 3 star hotel, 4 star hotel and 5 star hotel. If you love having more chance to interact with local people, you can choose to stay at homestay with simple facilities but it may be uncomfortable for small kids, especially in cold weather from Dec to Mar.

It is really difficult to say what is the best time to travel to Sapa as Sapa has its own beauty in different times of year. In spring, you will see the villages and the hills covered by white and pink color of peach and plum trees. When summer comes, Sapa is amazed in its green color of the terrace rice fields. In autumn, Sapa is in its most beautiful time with yellow color of rice files. In winter, it is still interesting to see Sapa covered by fog and snow, sometimes.

For tours in Sapa, you should choose suitable trips for your family as the kids can’t do long and hard treks. It is better for trekking distance of 6 – 10km per day only with trekking time of 3 – 5 hours. The advised trekking routes are Lao Chai & Ta Van, Ma Tra & Ta Phin, Cat Cat, Ham Rong Mountain. Especially, an ethnic market should be included on your tour as it will be very fun and interesting. Bac Ha market is the biggest one and opens on Sundays only. Can Cau market opens on every Saturdays. Cao Son market opens on Wednesdays and Coc Ly market opens on Tuesdays.