Yen Duc Village

17, December, 2015

Yen Duc Village

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the countryside always gives the tourists relaxing, quiet and relaxed mind. Yen Duc village, which belongs to Dong Trieu district, is one of the village's identity preserved traditional villages of Vietnam. In addition, the village appears among a series of beautiful caves. This is an ideal place to introduce Vietnamese culture village for the international travelers before they finish the tour of Halong Bay.

Located across the road from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay, Yen Duc is a traditional farming village in the Northern Vietnam with a rich tradition of rice cultivation activities and livestock, and hospitable locals as well as relative neuter. With its ideal location, Yen Duc village is a point to bring the unique experiences for visitors to understand the typical local lifestyle through activities such as homestay, watching water puppet show, visiting the village’s ancient pagoda, enjoying folk music, examination exploring local life, doing agricultural activities, especially fishing activities and a lot of cultural sense. Most houses in the village have organic vegetable garden, and pond located in front of the house to provide clean and safe foods and especially for creating natural landscapes characteristic of the village.  It also becomes a local custom feature of village life, contributing to the lives of all people living by farming and gardening.

Through these activities, the natural environment is preserved, and the lifestyle of rural culture as well as the traditional agriculture in Vietnam is maintained and protected. By building a community-based tourism, village tour Yen Duc is not only an authentic cultural experience but also a responsible project for the community. Rural accommodation luxury Yen Duc is to offer you a comfortable stay.

Thanks to this kind of community tourism, rural landscapes and friendly people has brought visitors to memorable experiences and great opportunities to explore the unique cultural characteristics of the rural area north of Vietnam. Therefore, this type of tourism has been warmly welcomed by tourists and it attracts tourists both domestic and international in tours of Vietnam. It also supplies local people not only jobs but also higher incomes to improve their lives, but still preserves the cultural identity. Considered as an unique tourism products, novelties and above all helped to promote the image of Vietnam traditional villages as well as to diversify the province's tourist attractions and to create a close connection with Halong Bay tour.

Overall, it is undeniable that the place to visit - Village tour Yen Duc completely becomes the highlight of the trip so much audience as to travel to Vietnam. Please contact Vivu Travel by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be best consulted.