Vietnam photo tour to amazing salt fields

18, December, 2015

Vietnam photo tour to amazing salt fields

Vietnam is a desirable destination for those who are photograph catching lovers as the country is adorned with numerous spectacular landscapes. For many photographers, Sapa mountainous town, Halong Bay, Hanoi Old Quarters, Hoi An Ancient Town, Mekong Delta are popular destinations for a Vietnam photography tour. However, most of them have never heard about amazing salt fields that will be a perfect option for photo tours in Vietnam. Even if you are not photographers, salt fields are still worth-to-see destinations to add on any Vietnam tour. Let’s discover the 4 most exotic salt fields in Vietnam from North to South.

250Km from Hanoi, you can visit to Quynh Luu salt fields in Nghe An province. When being out of harvest season, the local people increase their income and improve their quality of life by working on salt fields and selling their salt on the roads. A majority of men living in salt-producing areas seek other jobs in the towns in order earn more money so most of the salt vendors are women.

If you are staying in Hoi An, you can visit to Sa Huynh salt field in Quang Ngai province which is just 170Km from Hoi An Ancient Town. In summer heat, salt makers in Sa Huynh work very hard in the field to produce their famous salt brand named Sa Huynh which is very well-known for the central region. There are about 550 households in Sa Huynh, with about 2,000 people producing salt.

If you are spending time to relax at Nha Trang beach, you can also visit to a salt field named Hon Khoi which is just 40Km from Nha Trang city. You will have chance to see also the countryside villages around.

100Km from Nha Trang, you can visit to Phuong Cuu salt fields which is the most beautiful salt fields in Vietnam. The sharp increase in salt price has made hundreds of farmer families switch to salt production, driving up the price of salt fields to the record high.

In general, all the salt fields in Vietnam are very amazing where you have abundant chance to capture the amazing photos of the salt fields or a woman rakes salt and workers carry salt at down. The best time to visit to the salt fields in Vietnam are from December to May with dry season and hot weather. It is advised to start the trip very early in the morning to catch the whole processes of local Vietnamese working on the salt fields.