Hoi An Fishing and Farming tour

18, December, 2015

Hoi An Fishing and Farming tour

The charming ancient town Hoi An is recognized as the world cultural Heritage for its historical and aesthetic values with traditional architecture such as unique wooden houses and bridges, along with state-of-art crafts featuring textiles, silk and ceramics. More than these, with the latest “ Hoi An Fishing and Farming tour”, your trip to Vietnam would be much awesome and fascinating!

Discover another sides of Hoi An through a magnificent scene of the tranquil countryside. It is an one-in-million chance to unravel Vietnamese unique sea creatures and traditional fishing techniques, where you feast your eyes with coconut-palm forest along poetic riverside while floating on a bamboo basket boats. Moreover, you will be welcomed to the secluded local residence site and deepen insight about their lifestyles. Enjoy the delight of partaking in hands-on activities and being immersed in the local folk songs right on the boat!

The first experience you will encounter is a bike tour around the town and out towards countryside, kicking off the adventure on the road packed with scooters, big buses, motorbikes and also people.

On arrival of The indigenous Fishing village Cam Thanh, constitutes 80 households specialized in fishing off-shore, you will be taken to Cua Dai sand Dune where fishermen showcase you how to cast and pull up a huge fishing net using the light to attract the flow of fish. Afterwards, engage yourself in the another adventure along Cam Thanh water coconut forest, drop in a hunt for tiny crabs and learn to create intricate jewelry out of palm leaves with the locals such as watches, mirrors and glasses. There would be a truly comfortable zone of fun playing together with your kids and socialize with friendly fishermen, and it is also a meaningful opportunity for you  to acknowledge the local culture and customs of a typical Asian agricultural villages.

hoi an fishing tour

An Amazon-like aquatic ecosystem of Mangrove will be a highlight of the journey. The Mangrove forest stretches over 4 hectas where is used to be used to provide shelter for Vietnamese soldiers in the war in the past and now it keeps the secret of a vivid natural habitat with 40 different marine species of high economic values such as shrimp, crab and mollusks.  

Crack into the world of the Bamboo traditional villages which covered by many conventional cottages made of various native materials such as bamboos, rattan and leaves of nipa. The cottage model has created a huge inspiration for architecture texture of communal houses in highland and bungalows for cafeterias.

After a live tour on the river, take a rejuvenating break with a local restaurant that covers all well-seasoned specialties – a superb fresh taste from seafood, herbs, greens and spices .A fragment of Vietnamese exquisite cuisine is exposed to you, typically Da Nang savory pancakes stuffed with pork, shrimp and bean sprout, or Tam Huu spring rolls and steamed fish.

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