Discovering Lan Ha Bay beauty

19, December, 2015

Discovering Lan Ha Bay beauty

As we all know, Halong Bay is famous for the beauty of the wonderful landscape, and located in the subpopulation called Lan Ha Bay - no less great and unspoiled, definitely gives you great experience when visiting here. Situated in the East of Cat Ba Island and the South of Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay has an area of over 7000 hectares width, including 5,400 ha in the management area of Cat Ba National Park and the boundaries place Lan Ha Bay administratively in Hai Phong province. The landscape here is extremely marked by thick unique limestone which divides the sea into coves and hundreds of mountains with different shapes such as Hon Guoc and Hon Doi.

Unlike Halong Bay - the famous neighbor, just about a 30-minute boat ride from the Cat Ba island, you'll be captivated by the views of the breath-taking bay. Lan Ha Bay with unspoiled scenery which will be an amazing place for people who are searching for the pristine and less crowded destinations. A dense concentration of limestone mountains that  sea area was divided into small bays and more than a hundred of small and beautiful sand lying foothills enabling you to make BBQs beach party or camping overnight. Let’s imagine, after caving, you can totally relax in the blue water and breathe the sea breezing on the bay. It really has become an ideal beach for tourists with long sandy beaches, and clear blue waters to admire colorful coral under water.  With a small boat, you can visit the caves and relax on the beach or enjoy the workplace for pearls. Similar to Halong bay, this bay also includes the small islands with many systems, but many visitors said that discovering the beautiful Lan Ha Bay is more interesting for Vietnam family tour package because of original rawness.

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When travelling to Lan Ha Bay, you will encounter Cat Dua island - the first stop on the route. Most of the vessels are not allowed to stop here because they came weary to admire what nature has bestowed on Cat Ba. This island is also known as Monkey Island. They are quite aggressive, wild and can be readily bolted out snatching food from tourists’ carelessness, or attack people who provoke them. One other interesting activity is kayaking to explore the lives of local people in fishing village on the water. You will not be surprised by the natural beauty, geology and biodiversity.

It's easy for you to visit Lan Ha Bay by overnight cruise in Halong Bay, rent a boat and start the journey from Cat Ba Island to enjoy the new experience. Lan Ha Bay also offers multiple choices diverse hotels on Cat Ba Island, Monkey Island, or you can choose to spend your night on a journey covered by ice and water.

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