Memorable holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia

04, March, 2016

Memorable holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia

Traveling through two of South East Asia's most exciting countries to explore the treasures of Indochina by planning a Vietnam and Cambodia holiday - These two Southeast Asian nations are simply wonderful with their own unique appeal. Spectacular scenery, diverse landscapes, friendly locals and delicious cuisine are usual wanders throughout the nation.

With the private journeys and tailor made holidays, we ensure that you’ll see the best of each one including the beautiful Hanoi and Saigon in Vietnam and also the mysterious temples of Angkor in Cambodia.

First coming to Vietnam, from buzzing cities, fascinating rural villages, delicious cuisine to the engaging history and long-lasting tradition and culture, the lovely country offers something special to the travellers looking for a wonderful holidays.

With the sail through the limestone cliffs of Halong Bay, cruise along the narrow canals of the Mekong Delta and the beautiful Hanoi and Hoan Kiem Lake there by you will just get amazed thinking you are visiting such a marvelous place. If any of you is interested to get ejoyed with the cultural fix, then visit Hue’s temples, tombs and palaces, immerse the spirit of Saigon and admire the age-old charm of Hoi An  and meet the reclusive hill tribes of Sapa.

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With the experience of the appeal of ancient cultures and flourishing modern cities set against the wonderful destinations with its spectacular scenery of Vietnam, you will uncover the legendary temples of Angkor by crossing the border into neighbouring Cambodia. To explore and enjoy the country, visit the magnificent Royal Palace Complex in Phnom Penh and take a boat ride to the floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake.

Despite the turbulent past, the country is looking forward to a bright future. The spectacular beauty of Cambodia and its ancient archaeology make a stunning trip to the nation. Cambodia remains refreshingly uncovered by major tourism along with Siem Reap, gateway to the legendary Angkor Temples and its capital Phnom Penh, which is located on the banks of the Mekong River.

Why us?
Started with a passion to get travellers off the beaten track, We are developing a style of travel wanting travellers to become a part of a country. We want tourists to explore, have fun, meet people, learn things, and do stuff they can never forget for lifetime. The core purpose of the company is to enrich people's lives by planning a uniqueVietnam and Cambodia tour experience of a lifetime by providing fun and exciting travel adventures with affordable travel packages that will be reasonable for all kind of travellers.

With greater flexibility and tailor made options, our expert staff will assist you in every part of your journey to make your Indochina holiday a memorable one.