Charming Vietnam

07, March, 2016

Charming Vietnam

Vietnam is a captivating destination for visitors who are seeking interest to see the wonderful culture and amazing destinations all around the world. At the crossroads of tradition and modernity, this country is an inclusive mix of old and new and it reveals astonishing finds to every type of traveler.

The old Vietnam charm is still retained the French influenced architectures, beautiful cities and former imperial capitals. History lovers can learn about Vietnam’s recent hard fought wars in the museums. Culture seekers will delight in the discovery of the diverse landscapes and each day sight, from rushing floating markets, lush paddy fields to colorful hill tribes in the highlands. For beach lovers, Vietnam’s long coastline is framed with sandy beaches and clear seas with many opportunities for water-based adventures.

In Vietnam national history, certain features become a distinct signifier of cultural authenticity within the country’s traditions. In current academic, a woman emerges as the embodiment of Vietnamese traditions and as a key signifier of the country’s readiness for modernity.

Another thing is a tradition. The Vietnamese believe in Shamanism and have a specific set of rituals surrounding all aspects of life and this includes childbirth.  In a person’s life, a wedding is one of the most important ceremonies in this country. Just as Vietnam continues to change every day, Vietnamese wedding customs have continued to change dynamically from the engagement process to the wedding day, and even ceremonies celebrating the fantastic day.

vietnamese wedding

Vietnam represents a happy medium between modernity and tradition. One can only hope that Vietnam will continue these types of forward-thinking policies in other areas relating to its ethnic minorities. This country is booming and with the boom has come a massive improvement in health care.

After all, modern-day Vietnam, where the police and privileged classes are still figuring of fun, gives rise to the same tension between tradition and modernity.

If you want to really discover this country, you should set aside a couple of weeks to travel to Vietnam, meet the people and get many kinds of understanding of this beautiful and fascinating country. Visitors will have better and amazing experience with our Vietnam tours with suitable Vietnam tour packages. We pride ourselves on being able to fill everybody’s travel plans with just the right mix. It will be our pleasure to make the suggestion and arrangements to allow you to make the most of your precious leisure time. After all, our team of Vietnamese and western travel enthusiasts work, live and travel all over the country and we would be happy to share our new discoveries with you.