Destinations for a memorable in time Vietnam

07, March, 2016

Destinations for a memorable in time Vietnam

Vietnam’s captivating natural beauty and fascinating history make it a charming destination for visitors as well as those who have already been acquainted with this gracious land. It is just like a rising star on the Southeast Asian tourism circuit. It has charming colonial-era cities, lush green countryside combined with its fabulous beaches provide excellent attractions for one and all.

You can discover the rich diversity of the country by trekking through the heart of Southeast Asia. They will be able to find the sweet people with their distinct indigenous culture. Along with you will see the architectural mix: traditional Khmer, French-colonial and Chinese style. Visitors will have the opportunity to savor it in local cuisines of Vietnamese, which present a succulent balance of delicate and intense flavors at every meal.
Despite the rich diversity of Vietnamese, Visitors can fill their senses with exotic sites: open-air markets jammed with colorful goods, jungle paths that open to cascading waterfalls. All around the country you will love the beauties of ancient temples, lost cities, and saffron-robed monks. Tourists can also visit the tribal villages steeped in ancient custom; meet local weavers and craftspeople; watch a magical water puppet show. During your Vietnam Travel you will be amazed when you walk through rice paddies. You will have a deeply adorable lifetime experience for the heartening, welcoming people of Vietnamese.

There are several places for visitors to be fascinated; but here we are giving some of the famous destinations of Vietnam:

hanoi cyclo tour

Hanoi: It is the capital of Vietnam and a charming city famous for its beautiful lakes, tree lined boulevards and verdant public parks. The city center is an architectural museum piece. As a Vietnam develops to compete with other nations, it reflects the modern office buildings, old Buddhist temples and tangles of ancient streets.

Halong Bay: The breathtaking isolated Halong Bay covers an area of 1500 square km with more than 3000 thousand towering limestone backdrops emerging from its crystalline emerald water. The Bay is one of the natural wonders of the world and now is a World Heritage site. The islands are dotted with innumerable white sandy beaches and caverns created by winding and waves. It is one of the best amazing tourist places of the state.

Sapa: It is a charming former French hill-station and created so that Hanoi’s colonial residents could escape from the stifling summer heat the plains. Now it is a popular destination due to its beautiful scenery and colorful ethnic people. The drive provides a taste of what is to come as the road winds its way up through some breathtaking scenery.

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Hue: Hue is situated on the banks of Perfume River and traditionally one of Vietnam’s cultural, religious and educational centres. It has many other places of religious and dynastic importance and great museums. The Perfume River is only fragrant at a specific time of the year, in the autumn, when the flowers in the orchards up river lose their blossoms into the water.

Hoi An: Hoi An is a charming small town which can be easily explored on foot. It was a robust international commercial port for Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Arab traders. Today, it is a quaint riverside town popular among tourists for its electrical architecture, souvenir and tailor shops, and cafes and it is a favourite with all travellers. You can spend your time walking around the historic town soaking up the atmosphere, exploring the many Chinese assembly halls and fascinating ancestral homes.

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Danang: It is one of the country’s major ports and an important economic centre of Vietnam. The area is home to a variety of rare animal and plant species and it has a range of landscapes from lofty Hai Van Pall to the north of the city and a long coastline with a series of beautiful beaches.

You will be not able to experience and explore Vietnam unless you visit this marvellous country. Vietnam now has world class hotels and resorts, beaches and cuisine, in addition to its natural beauty, rich history and traditional culture. Visitors from outside countries, travelling to Vietnam, are looking for a more authentic experience and seek to have a deeper understanding of the wonderful country, its culture, food, history and everyday life.

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