Vietnam, the hub of Indochina

08, March, 2016

Vietnam, the hub of Indochina

Vietnam is like no other country in south East Asia. This country is an astonishing amalgamation of diverse culture, natural beauty and captivating historical events. All these combined together make Vietnam a perfect tourist destination. It is as diverse as it is stunning. Travelers can have the adventure of a lifetime in this development and fascinating country, they certainly won’t be left disappointed. Tourists must be prepared to be charmed at each turn; from the world renowned HaLong Bay, Cu-Chi tunnels and floating villages to the sacred temples and flying heights of Ho-Chi Minh City.

Vietnam Diversity provides visitors a great chance to discover the different incredible landscapes and culture all along this nation, the friendly people, fanciful cuisine, and hurrying cities of Hanoi with its museums and famous puppet theatre. Tourists can also study the former major seaport and world heritage site of Hoi A, ruined temples and the delightful pagodas and temples of Hue. Relaxing on the white sandy beaches of Nha Trang and Phan Thiet is the amazing experiences during Vietnam holidays. Visitors will have a chance to explore the vast stretches of the Mekong Delta with is trading villages and floating markets.

There is no better way to enjoy the scenery, local customs and culture of Vietnam than to observe it up close and personal on this amazing cycling adventure unless you visit this country. The adventure of this place is something you will never forget. You will enjoy cycling through some of Vietnam’s most beautiful countryside, meeting the locals and getting cycle fit for your journey prior to departure.

cycling in hoi an

Vietnamese people describe their country as a bamboo shoulder pole slung with two baskets of rice, and Vietnam can accommodate the seasoned world traveler in everything from five star Vietnamese resorts and Asian expats can find even the most modest of Vietnam housing for long-term stays.

Looking for an adventurous holiday that's the perfect mix of culture, history and natural beauty? Vietnam is the adventure tour destination for you. This Southeast Asian nation features everything from exciting cities to pristine countryside, where you will find breathtaking terraced rice paddies, isolated island retreats, traditional mountain villages and radical limestone columns emerging from Halong Bay's misty and mystifying waters.

By the help of Vivutravel, Vietnam vacation will give you an adventure dream in which you will see more and learn more. You can explore beautiful travel destinations, meet unsophisticated locals, and learn their unique culture. Whenever you plan to travel this country alone or with your family makes a tailor-made program for your special need on your Vietnam tour.  Each of our journeys is carefully designed to capture the very best of each destination. Tours are escorted by highly qualified, seasoned local guides, whose experiences contribute to unbeatable adventure.