Indochina tour in Vietnam

09, March, 2016

Indochina tour in Vietnam

Indochina is a destination full of intrigue: ancient civilisations have left their mark across the destinations of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Among these three countries Vietnam is an incredible country for visitors who want to experience the glory of Indochina with its highlight destinations, amazing history, welcoming and lovely people.

In this country, cultural heritage and scenic wonder combine to create a unique experience. With this Vietnam tour, travellers can visit the bustling energetic cities Hanoi and Ho-Chi Minh City with its romantic Old quarter, the stunning scenery of Halong Bay, relax in the unparalleled beauty of Hoi An, cycle through history in Hue, drive into the whirl of Saigon and stay in a jungle lodge in the Mekong Delta.     

Equally with the captivating highlights of this nation, Vietnam is also famous for its fabulous blend of ancient civilisations, illustrious scenery, incredible food and wonderful people. You can see ‘Golden’ Vietnam in all its colourful splendour in your Indochina tour. is there for the visitors to satisfy every member of the family’s interest and enthusiasms. So with this itinerary we will try our best to combine unique experiences that all ages will enjoy and activities to keep hands and mind engaged, including jungle treks and elephant rides, with exciting cities and plenty of down to relax on the beautiful beaches.      

These three fascinating countries have both diverse cultures and beautiful landscapes. However, each of them has been subjected to social, political and economic violence over the past decades and they are ready to open their doors to the world and show us their hidden valuables. After the end of French rule, the colonial influence of the Indochina remains large in the architecture, grand avenues and the cuisine across Vietnam. Our colonial Indochina tour traces the heritage of this country, in the choice of both destinations and accommodation.       

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Drifting on the busy waterways we have the opportunity to interact with the local people at the floating markets, eat tropical fruits in lush orchards, look into the art of Bonsai, have tea on a typical boathouse and taste a delightful local cuisine. You can visit along the vast network of canals and tributaries to see how people go about their daily lives.       

With this tour you will discover the magnificent places in Southeast Asia, first you will explore Hanoi, with its beautiful boulevards, and then head to the World Heritage Site of Halong Bay and the ancient capital of Hue. The next stop on your tour will be the ancient town of Hoi-An, where you will have plenty of time to relax on the beach and to discover the beauty of central Vietnam. A fantastic journey through three Southeast Asian nations, you will discover the best of best, explore the treasures of six world heritage sites and many intangible heritages. This Indochina loop is a cultural and heritage adventure encompassing the ancient cultures of the country.

Where once there was Indochina, there is now Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. is promoting three countries as one destination, and in doing so, we help you enjoy a great discounted Indochina tour packages. is a fully licensed and bonded travel agency/tours operator. It has been recognized as a leading holiday organizer specialized in private and luxury inbound tours with staff that have the knowledge and expertise to be able to create and provide holidays to suit everybody including the most insightful travellers.