Breathtaking holiday to Vietnam

11, March, 2016

Breathtaking holiday to Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most charming, peaceful and probably safest destinations with fascinating history, cultural and artistic treasures, peculiar and fabulous food, and friendly people. Setting before the magical backdrop of some of the most breathtaking landscapes in South East Asia, rich and diverse heritage reflects a rare complexity of culture, history and style of this country.

The far north is stunning, with craggy mountains and rice paddies, while the beach lined east coast extends to the south where the mighty Mekong flows to the sea. The country’s recent colonial history and colorful local traditions rub shoulders with a past filled with ancient glory and tragedy is quite fascinating. Each city has its own charm and savor local dishes when travelling is the fast-track to understanding a country’s culture. The rushing chaos of local markets presents the opportunity to experience the true taste and smells of Vietnam.

This country almost has it all tropical waterways and dreamy white sand’s islands in the south, restful pine forest and mountainous peaks in the north, sun bathing and fun-seeking sandy beaches. Experience the elegant, historical and cultural capital of Hanoi with its beautiful French colonial architecture and a dazzling water puppet show, and the lively cosmopolitan Ho- Chi Minh City. Visit World Heritage Sites- the Royal Citadel of Hue, the ancient towns of Hoi-An, the spectacular natural wonder of Halong Bay.  Cruise along the Mekong Delta and sightseeing in historic Hue includes the Imperial Citadel and a cruise on the breathtaking Perfume River and visit Cantho, the ‘Tropical wonderland’ of the south. The breathtaking scenery, the lime deep green rice fields, luxurious hotels, friendly people, luscious French-influenced cuisine, enticing fruits, and much more describes the country.

It is all here in Vietnam, waiting to welcome you, which is convenient for tourism, but not every country can have. During your Vietnam Holiday you will have amazing experiences with its unforgettable beauties. Join Vivutravel in the exciting Vietnam tours to discover the home of great diversity from glorious cities to archeological ancient sites, fascinating floating world of the Mekong of breathtaking, enchanting landscape of the Central Highlands and mountains, and more than anything else to meet warm, friendly as well as reserved, dignified people that make Vietnam a real experience.

It is beautiful country, a long, hourglass of land, stretching over 900 miles up the eastern coast of the Indochinese Peninsula. Vietnam's varied topography allows for an incredibly varied Asia travel experience. Visitors to North Vietnam are often surprised by the regions distinct seasons; summers are hot and humid while winters are invigoratingly cool. Travel to Vietnam is a year round adventure.
Along with fine tropical weather, spectacular natural scenery and historic sites, Vietnam's greatest resource are the friendly, welcoming people. Long closed to the outside world, Vietnam retains a charming innocence that more touristy regions lack and the Vietnamese people and their smile will remain in your memory long after you depart.
In the decade since the country opened its doors to visitors, Vietnam has built world-class hotels and tourism facilities. With international-standard lodgings, world class Asian food, and traditional Vietnamese hospitality, Vietnam is ready to take you on an unforgettable adventure. Join us and explore the legend of the blue dragon and that is now known as the friendliest Asian country - Vietnam.

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