How can i understand Vietnamese culture?

11, March, 2016

How can i understand Vietnamese culture?

Vietnam has a very rich culture that has been shaped by many different civilizations throughout history. After struggling a lot, the Vietnamese have created their own unique culture. Their culture is still mysterious and difficult to understand to most people outside the country. Getting to know Vietnamese and their cultures and traditions is interesting and fascinating. Most travelers are also attracted by the country’s wonderful natural beauty. It has many historic attractions and old temples.

The culture of this country is mainly an agricultural civilization based on the cultivation of wet rice. Most of the Vietnamese are peasants. They are known to be polite, hospitable and sensitive. The people are very close to family. Respect for parents and ancestors, is a key character in this country. Traditionally, children live with their parents and the oldest member is regarded as the head of the family. It is considered to be part of the East Asian cultural sphere. So people from different countries plan their trip to Vietnam to experience their culture and traditions.

Vietnamese culture is concerned more with status than with wealth. They address people formally and greet by bowing slightly to each other. Breaking a promise and insulting elders can be a serious violation of social expectation for the Vietnamese. The simplicity and servility are emphasized in the culture of this nation and deeply inbuilt into their natural behavior.  Vietnamese people have become increasingly acquainted with and influenced by the lifestyles in developed countries. They have a casual and friendly manner. They view friendship as an important aspect of life. For their genial behavior, today more and more people from outside countries intent their tour to Vietnam for travelling.

Despite of its cultures and traditions, there are amazing tourist attractions in Vietnam. It can be a tourist destination worth considering if you want to perform travelling abroad. Along with its historical sites, it offers many interesting tourist attractions like Halong Bay, Hanoi City, Hoa Lu, Perfume River, Danang Beach, Mekong Delta and many more. If you really want to have an awesome Holiday, then you must make a Vietnam tour package.

The good things about Vietnamese are their love for Humanity, devotion to family, formality, Harmony with nature, and they have held onto their tradition and pride throughout countless struggle and wars, and are still striving to integrate and unite all parts and people of their incredible country.