Essential tips for Bristish to travel to Vietnam

24, March, 2016

Essential tips for Bristish to travel to Vietnam

Viet Nam is famous for not only many beautiful scenes and historic sites, but also for the people who are very friendly and hospitable to foreign tourists so far. Also, this S – shaped country is listed as one of the most peaceful and safest countries on the world with no bombing, no seriously natural calamity and no uprising. Maybe, that is the reason why there have been more and more Bristish tourists visit Viet Nam in recent times.

However, before jetting up your Viet Nam tour from UK, visitors ought to pay attention to these tips to have a successful trip.


•    Take care of your health. Even though Viet Nam is called as a peaceful country, there are many diseases such as polio, typhoid, HIV/AIDS, malaria, hepatitis A and B, rabies and tuberculosis, so forth and so on. It is really in need that you take this precaution and go to the doctor for some advices and get the vaccinations plus up a few months before beginning the trip.

•    Bring coats or sweaters along with you if you are going to visit the North or the North West of this country in the winter or fall as the weather will be very cold. On the contrary, prepare some T-shirts and shorts if you intend to visit the South, especially Ho Chi Minh City as the weather here is very hot.

•    Arrange the visa carefully before traveling to Viet Nam as without it, you are not able to enter to the country. Also make sure that your passport has been valid for 6 months.


•    Bring too many valuable items while going out in Viet Nam because pick pockets and robberies are now very popular in this country.

•    Neglect to your handbag or luggage, even you are on a cycle or walking down the streets. You may lose it just in a snap second because of petty crimes.

•    Take photo in the historic places or pose offensively in the majestic places such as pagoda or temple.

•    Looking for the strange taste in Viet Nam unless you want yourself to be the potential target of robbery or thieves. If unfortunately you are in such these cases, you need to do to the nearest police station to declare your situation for assistance. 

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