how much is enough to travel in Vietnam?

25, March, 2016

how much is enough to travel in Vietnam?

It is quite easy to plan a holiday to Vietnam now because tourists find no difficulty in searching for a Vietnam tour operator who helps you organise a Vietnam tour package. However, if you are going to travel Vietnam on your own, you will definitely want to have an idea: "how much is enough to travel in Vietnam?"

It is impossible to give you an exact answer, but the below information can help and you know how to control your travel before planning your Vietnam holiday and traveling in Vietnam.

1. Stay: Vietnam travel is inexpensive because Vietnam offer a wide range of accommodation that will meet your budget and expectation. You can see as below:
- A night at homestay costs you around US$ 5 per person. The homestay is very clean, comfortable and this is the best way to learn about Vietnamese culture and life. The best places for homestay are Mai Chau valley, Sapa, Be Be lake and Mekong delta.

- Mini hotels or guesthouses are everywhere from US$ 10 - US$ 20 per night. The room is basic with hot/cold shower and air-condition.
- 2 star hotels are from US$ 20-US$ 40 per night that depend on the service and location.
- 3 star hotels are from US$ 50 - US$ 80 per night and highly advised for most tourists.
- 4 star hotels are from US$ 80 - US$ 120 per night. (international standard)
- 5 Star hotels are from US$ 130 per night. (international standard)

So it is quite clear to know how much it will cost for accommodation and you can manage to stay in budget or luxury hotels.

2. Meals: It is cheap to have delicious meals in Vietnam and below are the tips.
- Finest Vietnamese restaurants that offer Asian and Western food costs you from US$ 25 - US $ 35 / lunch/dinner
- Tourist restaurants are from US$ 10 - US$ 15 / lunch / dinner (depend on the number of people)
- Street foods are cheap and much better than in any restaurant and you can have meal from US$ 3.

3. Transport
- During you Vietnam travel, you will have to take the flight from Hanoi  to Hue, Danang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City or Phu Quoc island or take the train to Sapa, ete. You can check the below information.

- Train from Hanoi - Lao Cai is from US$ 30 per person per way (4 berth cabin - soft sleeper)

- Flight from Hanoi to Hue or Danang is from US$ 70 per person, but it can be more or less (depend on the time of booking and ticket status). The price is the same for the flight from Hue or Danang to Ho Chi Minh city.

- Open bus (tourist bus: The cheapest way to travel across Vietnam and the tickets can be reserved through your hotels or travel agents. However, open bus is mainly suitable for backpackers who have a lot of time traveling.

Activities: Vietnam tour packages are very diverse and we advise you to book daily tour on arrival with local travel agents, but remember to bargain and spend time checking the reliable one to arrange your trip. For this reason, Vivutravel advises you to book a Vietnam tour package in advance which can save your time and money.

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