Vietnam ethnic market tour

29, March, 2016

Vietnam ethnic market tour

Being famous as a country with multi-ethnicity and diversified culture, Vietnam draws a lot of tourists all over the world every year to come and discover its remote mountains in the Northeast and Northwest areas. In which, ethnic market is regarded as one of the most interesting features and Vietnam ethnic market tour is considered as one of the most exotic parts in a Vietnam adventure holiday. Those markets are opened weekly or even monthly in the early morning on the less accessible places where local residents trade their agriculture products such as corn, rice, wine, mushroom, ginger, etc. You can also find many other commodities in the markets such as textiles, jewelry, decorative accessories, animals (buffalo, dogs, goats, horses, etc.). Paths to the markets are very long and rugged for some residents as they come from remote locations and some people have to ride a horse or pony. Visiting to the ethnic markets in Vietnam, you can feel the authentic ambiance as the markets have hundreds of years of history and still preserve their own unique culture and tradition. Furthermore, the ethnic markets are also places where ethnic groups establish relationships with each other or enjoy their relaxing time with games, entertainment or competitions.

To plan an interesting tour to Vietnam ethnic markets, you can see our suggestion for all highly recommended ethnic markets as below:

1/ Sin Ho Market: It is located in Lai Chau province, around 70Km from Lai Chau town and opens on Saturdays and Sundays where as Sunday is busier. This market is large and not touristic with ethnic groups of Red Dao, Hmong, Phu La, Cong. The products being sold at the market are food, household commodities and technological equipment.

2/ Muong Hum Market: It is an authentic market with 50Km driving from Sapa and held every Sunday. The market is small but retains its culture and style with ethnic groups of Hmong, Ha Nhi, Phu La, Tu Di & Giay.

3/ Coc Ly Market: It opens on Tuesdays in a small village and is around 50Km from Lao Cai town. You can see textiles, fashion accessories and wildlife being sold at the market.

4/ Cao Son Market: It is around 60Km from Lao Cai town and opens on Wednesdays. The mainly goods are vegetables, textiles, jewelry, etc.

5/ Bac Ha Market: It is the biggest and most interesting market from Sapa with driving distance of 90Km. It is held on every Sundays and there are many types of products you can see at the market from agriculture products to animals, clothes and food.

6/ Khau Vai Love Market: It is regarded as the most unique ethnic market in Northern Vietnam, around 20Km from Meo Vac town. It is opened once a year only on 26th and 27th of the 3rd lunar month. It is where young ethnic people come to establish relations and make a date for ex-lovers who fell in love but could not get marriage.

7/ Dong Van Market: It is the largest Sunday market in the North of Vietnam and located in Dong Van town. Visiting to the market, you can try local cuisine and dishes as well as discover products sold in the market especially cattle, food, textiles and other hot stuff.

8/ Hoang Su Phi Market: It is located at Vinh Quang town, Ha Giang province with beautiful scenery leading to the market.

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