Sa Dec Flower Village in Dong Thap

31, March, 2016

Sa Dec Flower Village in Dong Thap

On the south bank of Tien Giang river year round windy, fertile alluvial and there is a flower village with hundreds of year olds.

Located far from the center of Sa Dec town, Dong Thap province 4km, Sa Dec flower village, also known as Tan Qui Dong is a beautiful tourist destination for any traveler with a trip to Viet Nam in general and in particular Western Viet Nam.

More than 100 years over, the flower village has stretched strongly before many storms of nature and become more beautiful. Hundreds of species of precious flowers and plants are grown on the high truss, the bottom is water that come from the canal. Hence the villagers have to go boating and harvest flowers instead of going the ground as other flower growers. Perhaps you will not found anywhere except for Sa Dec flower village unique and poetic images like that.

Come to this place anytime of the year you will always be welcomed by all of blooming flowers, from Dahlia, hydrangeas, to the wine bottle palm trees, Japanese cedars, France marigold plants also converge here. In addition, the tourists are also attracted by the large garden of rose with more than 50 different species such as red velvet roses, Grada purple roses, Marseille white roses,...

Besides, the familiar plants such as thistle, palm tree, apricot tree,…are transformed into many such unique shapes that the tourists can’t help astonishing, admiring. For transportation, travelers should go to visit flowers village by motorcycle because many cars cannot enter here. You can also visit a number of places like the Huynh Thuy Le ancient monument in Nguyen Hue Street or Kim Hue temple located nearby. Enjoy speciality noodle “Hu Tieu” as well as rustic crab hotpot in Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, which meet the delicious-nourish-cheap standards for many people, and a lot of attractive dishes such as the lotus leaf roll baked fish, grilled lemongrass voles, steamed lemongrass snails…are waiting for you to discover.

Whether it is Viet Nam honeymoon tour or family tour to Vietnam, Sa Dec Flower Village promises an exciting experience for you and your loved ones.
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