Meo Vac ethnic market in Ha Giang, Vietnam

01, April, 2016

Meo Vac ethnic market in Ha Giang, Vietnam

Every Sunday, a unique hundred-year-old upland fair named MeoVac in Ha Giang province is again hustling and bustling. Tourist can be easy to see hill tribal groups such as: Flower H’Mong, Dzao, Tay,etc., from villages around gather here. The market is an ideal place for you to experience ethnic culture in the Northern mountainous region in your journey to Vietnam.

Meo Vac ethnic market is not only a place to do business or exchange the goods and purchase cattle but also an expected meeting point of ethnic minority groups to chat and drink alcohol, enjoy local foods. The indispensable thing of the market are home-made corn alcohol, Thang Co, five color sticky rice.
Despite not being a slave of shopping, you can’t take your eyes off the material stalls, clothes, which are woven by local people. A colorful suit or brocade dress is always the top choice of souvenir for many tourists.

People leave worries about poverty, hunger behind them and indulge in the noisy and busy air of market. This is a special chance for them to relax and to recover their energy after hard-working days. The optimistic spirit is a key factor which helps Meo Vac ethnic market conserved through many generations.

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