Vietnam rural tourism

05, April, 2016

Vietnam rural tourism

The highlights of a Vietnam tour package are Hanoi - Sapa - Ha Long Bay - Hue - Hoi An - Nha Trang - Mui Ne - Ho Chi Minh City - Mekong  delta - Phu Quoc island and for the first trip to Vietnam, tourists will follow  suggestions of their Vietnam tour operator  to focus on the main attractions which can be good choices, but if you are looking for a real Vietnam tour experience, Vivutravel advises you to consider "rural tourism or rural tours in Vietnam"

What is rural tourism?
This is the best for you to explore Vietnam, learn about Vietnamese culture, tradition, daily life and many other unique things that you will not see if you go on a normal tour itinerary.

Vietnam rural tours with Vivutravel are your opportunities to visit little-visited parts of the country such as ancient villages, traditional handicraft villages, village's festival, remote villages of ethnic groups or experience few nights at homestay, etc.

Vietnam rural tours with Vivutravel are also your chances to eat and work with the locals, like the locals such as farming, fish catching, red lantern making, hat making, ceramic making which are unforgettable holiday of a lifetime.

To book a Vietnam rural tour or combine this unique tour with highlights of Vietnam, please send Vivutravel your travel enquiry and we will create a perfect tour package for you.