3 most beautiful churches to visit in Hanoi

07, April, 2016

3 most beautiful churches to visit in Hanoi

Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam is deserved to be one of the best places to visit in Vietnam as the city is adorned with numerous historical sites, natural landscapes & charming old streets. Especially, you will be amazed with amazing architecture and graceful beauty of the oldest churches in Hanoi which are still famous after hundreds of years and make Hanoi more beautiful. If you have chance to travel to Vietnam in Christmas holiday, it is highly recommended to visit Hanoi's oldest churches as you will see the eager ambiance of local people as well as colorful streets which are sparkling decorated.

St Joseph's Cathedral should be the first one in your list as it is considered as the most ancient and beautiful church in Hanoi. It was completed in 1887 with neo-gothic style, colorful window glass and religious painting following Western style.

Near from St Joseph’s Cathedral, Cua Bac is another beautiful church to visit in Hanoi combined Asian and European style. The church is famous as not only a religious address but also an architectural work with many unique features.

Still located in Hanoi Old Quarter, Ham Long Church is totally designed by a Vietnamese architect, built at the end of 19 century. The church was built with traditional materials such as lime, bamboo and cardboard to create arches and make echo effects when celebrating the Mass.

If you want to understand more about Catholicism in Vietnam you can join a catholic mass in one of those above churches.