Hoi An – Great idea for outdoor activities

29, April, 2016

Hoi An – Great idea for outdoor activities

Located in the Centre of Vietnam, Hoi An attracts many domestic and international tourists thanks to its peaceful and poetic countryside villages, romantic and white sandy beaches, interesting and diversified souvenir shops. That’s why Hoi An is considered as a top destination for planning outdoor activities that will surely leave your holiday in Vietnam with distinctive experiences. Hoi An is suitable to all types of tours in Vietnam for sure so let us provide you the most interesting outdoor activities that should be added on your trip in Vietnam.

The easiest activity is food tasting and cooking as Hoi An is well-known for its amazing cuisine from food stalls to luxurious restaurants. It’s a great feeling as you are just enjoying famous traditional dishes while seeing local people slowly walking on old streets.

2 most famous beaches named Cua Dai & An Bang are also Hoi An’s advantages of outdoor activities. Both of them are very near from the ancient town and you can choose to stay at resorts at beaches or it just takes 5Km from the town to the beaches. Best time for beach relaxing in Hoi An is from April to June with dry season and sunny weather.

Hard day but fun, Hoi An biking tours to countryside villages offer easy biking routes in countryside areas staying away from the main roads. The small bikes for kids are easily found or arranged by your Vietnam tour operator.

Praised as one of the most interesting outdoor activities in Hoi An, farming & fishing tours are chosen by many Vietnam family trip planners as the kids will really love joining farming & fishing activities instructed by local farmers. They will also learn about local agriculture and local life with life-time experience.