Top useful tips for family tour with kids to Vietnam

02, June, 2016

Top useful tips for family tour with kids to Vietnam

Voted as a top country in the world for family holidays, Vietnam offers dozens of attractive tourist sites and interesting tour activities which will be very suitable for the kids. In addition, planning a Vietnam family tour with kids is much easier now with helps from copious information on internet sources as well as from reliable and reputable local travel agents. Then a family tour with kids to Vietnam promises distinctive experiences that your kids will never forget or even keep in mind for life-time. And you will be completely confident in booking a family tour to Vietnam after having a look at our below useful tips.

1/ Best time to Vietnam for family tour with kids: October, November, December, January, February, March & April are considered as the best months for visiting Vietnam as the weather is cool and dry. However, the other months called summer time is not a bad idea to travel as it will be very sunny. Furthermore, summer time is also known as low season of tourism in Vietnam with much cheaper services from airfares, transportations, hotels, etc. Of course, it will be rainy season but it doesn’t mean raining hour by hour and day by day. If you are lucky, you might still have a wonderful sunny trip staying away from the rain.

2/ Travel duration for a Vietnam family tour with kids: It is advised that you shouldn’t include too many destinations in your trip as it will make your kids very tired. Basically, spending 3 nights in each city is fine or you can stay longer if you have more days in Vietnam. Arranging some free days in your tour program is a good idea in order that your kids can have time to refresh and relax.

3/ Attractions and activities in Vietnam for family tour with kids: Family events and child-oriented activities should be arranged regularly to keep the kids amused all the time. Too many pagodas, temples and museums in a tour program are not highly recommended. Kids love outdoor and special activities and the advised ones are Hanoi street food & market tour, kayaking in Halong Bay, Hoi An biking tour, Hoi An farming and fishing tour, Sapa trekking tour, Sapa homestay, Mekong Delta homestay, Ho Chi Minh vespa tour, Cham island diving tour, etc. Relaxing at beach for some days at the end of your trip is also a great idea.

vietnam family tour with kids

4/ Hotel accommodation for Vietnam family tour with kids: Hotel accommodation in Vietnam is diversified from budget to high-end types. But the most important thing that you should keep in mind when choosing your hotel accommodation is a suitable room type. Even your kids are teenagers, a family room is always a perfect option as you can best take care of your kids. A hotel with nice swimming pool is also such a good choice.

5/ The Other relevant tips: Jet lag: Jet lag is normal when you travel abroad and it seems to be easier for adults to get used to. However, it is not easy for kids. The solution is adding 1 or 2 more free days after your arrival for the purpose of helping your kids accustom to the new time.

Food: Both of luxury restaurant and street stalls offer great tastes of Vietnamese cuisine. Don’t be worried about trying street foods as they are safe, amazing and featured with authentic Vietnamese culture.

Getting around: Kids are usually active and distracted by strange things. Then you should keep an eye on them when you are at chaos streets with a lot of motorbikes or at the crowds.

vietnam with kids

Health issue: Having on hand a list of international hospitals in each city of Vietnam would be great, even you will travel with local guide or not. You should prepare also a medical kit containing items such as baby paracetamol, thermometer, anti-itching lotion, oral rehydration preparation and bandaids.

Clothes: Vietnam weather is uncertainty and it changes in different areas. If you will travel in summer time (April to November), it means you will get sunny weather everywhere from North to South and summer wear is all fine. However, if you will travel in the other months, it means that you should prepare both summer clothes, winter clothes and autumn clothes, as it will be chilly cold in Sapa mountainous areas with average temperature of 13 degree C, cold in the North (Hanoi, Halong, Ninh Binh) with average temperature of 18 degree C, cool in the Centre (Hue, Hoi An) with average temperature of 22 degree C and hot in the South (Saigon, Mekong Delta) with average temperature of 30 degree C.

Visa: Visa approval letter is very popular and often chosen by travelers. However, it is not advised for those who will travel with kids as you may have to wait for 1 or 2 hours at the airport to complete the visa procedures. After a long flight, waiting for 1 or 2 hours at the airport is really too hard for your kids. Then, the first solution is using fast-track visa service meaning that you will be picked up at the luggage department and escorted to the visa department for completing the visa procedures within only 15 – 20 minutes. If you are near from Vietnam Embassy, you are advised to take the second solution which is directly applying for a visa to Vietnam at that Embassy. If it is still complicated you can use a visa approval letter faxed to Vietnam Embassy by a visa company in Vietnam as it just takes you a morning to get a real visa stamp on your passport.