Basket boat tour in Hoi An

16, June, 2016

Basket boat tour in Hoi An

Hoi An has long been the most attractive destination to travel in Vietnam. Staying in Hoi An, tourists have choices to do so many interesting activities such as swimming at white sandy beach of An Bang, walking through ancient streets to visit historical and cultural sites, learning Vietnamese cooking class, cycling to Tra Que vegetable village, taking boat trip on Hoai River, exploring My Son ruins or trying to row basket boat at Cua Dai's water coconut palm.

Basket boat tour is something unique, different and typical in Hoi An only. If you book this tour, it will definitely be the highlight of your holiday in Vietnam.

About 5km from Hoi An ancient town. Cua Dai's water coconut palm is like the paradise for you to trying rowing the basket boat which is known as "Thung Chai" by the fisherman - The basket boat is used for catching fishes, moving around the village and other activities.

During the basket boat tour, the local fisherman will show you how to row, how to catch fish and you can also join an basket boat race which is a great fun.

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