New cave to visit and tour options in Quang Binh

30, June, 2016

New cave to visit and tour options in Quang Binh

Some days ago, experts from British discovered 57 new caves in Quang Binh in the Centre of Vietnam, in which a cave named as Fairy Cave 2 in Muong Hoa District will be opened for visiting in this July. Its length is 2519 meters and its depth is 94 meters. According to Quang Binh Administration of Tourism, the trip to Fairy Cave 2 will take 2 or 4 days. Besides that, trip Fairy Cave 1 will be also resumed in July after temporarily closing.

Fairy Cave is one of the largest caves in Tu Lan Cave system and first discovered by experts from the Royal British Caving Association in 1994. Inside the cave, there are dozens of spectacular stalagmites looking like terraced rice fields. The total length of this cave is around 3Km consisting of two branches named Fairy Cave 1 and Fairy Cave 2 which are connected to each other by a primeval forest. When visiting to Fairy Cave in rainy season, you can see some streams and the cave’s walls covered with a layer of sand.

The local people also revealed that name of this cave comes from a legend that fairies from heaven found this place as a wonderful site to rest and then descended here. The sceneries of those areas are so beautiful that they even forgot their way back to the heaven. Then they stayed here and turned out as wonderful stalagmites and stalactites. Later, local people from hundreds of years ago take this cave to carry out important rituals like praying for rain and for peace. That's why you will have a mysterious, magical, mythical feeling when visiting to that cave.

Besides visiting to Fairy Cave, you have many different options that are also amazing and fantastic. Below are our suggested tour options in Quang Binh:

paradise cave in quang binh

1/ One day to Phong Nha Cave & Paradise Cave: You will join a boat trip for around 2.5 hours to Phong Nha Cave and then take a drive to Paradise Cave area. Comparing to all the other famous caves like Sung Sot Cave and Thien Cung Cave in Halong Bay, Nguom Ngao Cave in Cao Bang, etc, Paradise Cave is praised as the most beautiful one with nearly 1Km length of inside visiting.

2/ 2 days 1 night to Nuoc Nut and Va: If you are looking for a bit more adventurous trip, visiting to Hang Nuoc Nut and Hang Va is a good option as those caves are part of Son Doong Cave system with shared water flow. Many travelers said that stalactites and stalagmites inside Hang Va Cave are more spectacular and magnificent than Son Doong Cave. Especially, you will stay overnight in a jungle camp near Hang Va.

3/ 3 days 2 nights to Tu Lan Cave: Visiting to Tu Lan Cave is really an adventurous trip led by a caving expert from the Association of the British Cave Research, a skilled adventure guide, a porter team and cooks made up of local jungle men. This trip offers the most spectacular caves and jungle of Vietnam.

4/ 5 days 4 nights to Son Doong Cave: Son Doong cave - the world’s largest cave, is the most beautiful and spectacular cave within the area and the trip to Son Doong focuses on capturing unique images, exploring Hang En Cave as well as Ban Doong Ethnic village. You will also see enormous stalagmites and stalactites that you have never seen before.

To travel to Quang Binh, there are many different options to choose including car, train or plane. Furthermore, it is very easy and interesting to combine visiting in Quang Binh with other sites in the Centre of Vietnam like Quang Tri with outstanding historical sites – DMZ, Hue Ancient Capital & Hoi An Ancient Town.

About hotel accommodation, you should stay at Dong Hoi city with hotels ranging from basic to luxury. The best hotel options are Sun Spa Resort, Riverside Hotel, Muong Thanh hotel and both of them are very near from the beach.