Hanoi - Paradise of tasty street foods

01, July, 2016

Hanoi - Paradise of tasty street foods

Being famous all over the world for its cuisine, Hanoi turns out as an attraction sites for culinary discovery. That's why its 3 dishes named Pho, Bun Cha and Bun Thang were listed in the food category of Asian values in 2012 by the Asia Record Organization. Not only at restaurants but also at street stalls and street pavements of the Old Streets in Hanoi, you can see numerous foods that are colorful and delicious. Drinks are also amazing with draught beer, ice tea and egg coffee, etc. However, it is suggested to try tasty street foods rather than enjoy them at restaurants as it is not only about eating but also about local lifestyle and culture that you will have chance to learn about. The best way to get full experience when tasting Hanoi street foods is going with a local people or you will surely know nothing about the best foods to try, where to go and how to eat. So let us show you the top 10 street foods to try when you are in Hanoi.

1/ Pho

Rice noodle soup with beef or chicken: Pho is the most favorable dish in Vietnam that local people can eat in the morning, afternoon or evening. Its flavor is so delicate that it is even served at many Vietnamese restaurants abroad. You can try Pho with beef or chicken but both of them are great with meats, herbs and spices mixing together for a perfect favor.

2/ Draught beer:

You can easily found draught beer in many streets in Hanoi but Ta Hien is the most famous one for foreigners. Thanks to its cheap cost and light taste, Bia Hoi or draught beer has become very popular to Vietnamese.

bia hoi in hanoi

3/ Egg Coffee:

Cafe Giang at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan is considered as the best place to try egg coffee. The ingredients in an egg coffee cup include chicken egg yolk, Vietnamese coffee powder, sweetened condensed milk, butter and cheese and that drink will be much more delicious when enjoying in cold weather.

4/ Vermicelli with Fried Tofu and Shrimp Sauce:

It can be said that this specialty will be most delicious in Hanoi as Hanoi is where it was born. The ingredients of this dish are very simple but it is so surprises that they will create a great exotic combination when come together. The shrimp paste is highlight of this dish with strong smell and flavor that many eaters said “smells like hell and tastes like heaven”.

5/ Hanoi Style Vermicelli with Grilled Pork:

Bun Cha is a special dish consisting of noodles and fresh herbs served with pork patties and barbecued pork floating in a warm sweet fish sauce-based broth. It is no need to give further information about that dish as it great taste and perfect flavor is again proved by the day American President – Obama tried it when visiting Hanoi.

6/ Vermicelli with fried eel:

The main ingredient of this dish is eel with some other important ones of banana flower, vermicelli, ginger and lemon juice. The crispness smell of yellow fried eels, the acrid, buttery and taste of banana flower accompanied with the pungency of ginger, chilli, “ lá lốt”  and the sourness of lemon juice mixed with the eel vermicelli bowl is worth to try when you are in Hanoi.

7/ Mixed fresh fruits:

To Tich Street always comes to mind of any local people when they think of mixed fresh fruits as it is where you can get the best one and even before enjoying your dish, you are totally captivated by its color and scent attractiveness.

hanoi street food tour

8/ Shellfish soup with vermicelli:

Just try this dish and you will see its sophisticatedly delicious taste. Shellfish after being spoiled is extracted to obtain the intestine which will be then mixed with fat, spice, salted fish and glutamate. The soup that includes tomato and featured spice is over stewed. When eating, you will have a dish of fresh vegetables, a dish of boiled down chili which will increase the tasty feeling of the noodle.

9/ Fertilized duck eggs:

Don’t be put off when hearing its name as well as seeing it. Be stronger and you will see that it is not the thing you think as this dish is really tasty, nutritious and you will get fun for sure.

10/ Ice tea:

Ice tea shop is one of the most popular things that you can see at every corner in Hanoi. With only some simple stuffs like a small plastic table, some plastic stools, some candies, and a big pot of Vietnamese green tea, but they attracts many local to come for chatting and relaxing. Best place to have a nice cup of Vietnamese green tea in Hanoi is Nha Tho Street where you will have a really great view of Hanoi Old Quarter and famous Hanoi ST Joseph Cathedral.