12 Reasons why visitors always love Dalat

05, July, 2016

12 Reasons why visitors always love Dalat

Da Lat is a little town about 290km from Ho Chi Minh City. Da Lat is popular due to its crisp mountain air, beautiful surrounding forests, and cool weather. Set amidst valleys, lakes, waterfalls on top of a 4,900 feet mountain. Dalat has all the ingredients for a lovely vacation. In the recent years, Dalat is one of the most popular of the Vietnam tourist attractions.

Tourists coming to Dalat never forget this valley because of its romance and beautiful sight. It becomes more and more popular for visitors. We would like to show 14 reasons why visitors always love Dalat:

1. The Fog City:

in the South only has two seasons wet - dry and temperatures range from 25-37 degrees, but sometimes can be down to 11 degrees. The city is so really cool that people also feel happy, comfortable and peaceful.

2. Flower City:

Where you can stumble across flowers everywhere, all the time, even in a crack of the wall.

3. French villa architecture:

Dalat has over 2000 villas but each was different. Each villa carries a separate beauty. The villas usually have gardens, wide apart and there is a nice sight: Overlooking the pine forest, overlooking a valley or toward Langbian mountain view. Especially the villas in Da Lat no higher than three floors.

4. Local People:

Da Lat people are gentle, friendly and hospitable and willing to help when someone ask for direction.

5. Wandering night market and enjoy the local delicacies ...

Besides, it's also place to go shopping. You can choose yourself a wollen scarf, wollen hat, shirt or cloak with the price of only a few tenths to several hundred thousand VND.

6. Beautiful Nature and Landscapes:

The landscapes of this fog city such as Gold Stream lake, Langbian lake, Tuyen Lam lake ... is not only sublime but also poetic, and romantic. Every corner, every destination in Da Lat makes all visitors wish to record this moment, space or simply mark their track there.

7. Fresh air:

With pine forests, lakes, rivers, streams and cool climate ... Dalat brings about a new sense different from the stuffily crowded atmosphere as other cities.

8. Experience the 4-season-weather in a day:

with the weather in the morning is spring, the summer is at noon, the afternoon is autumn, winter is at night.

9. Take a leisure walk along Xuan Huong Lake

To ramble and relaxedly enjoy the beauty of the lake with a crowded road.

10. Exploring the strawberry garden

Learning about processes in growing vegetables, hand-picking and enjoying fresh strawberries.

11. Drop yourself in coffee and music:

The cafe shops in Dalat are designed in many styles, from budget inns to luxurious, from lively to quiet or romantic ones, all create a magical attraction for tourists.

12. Place for you to live slowlier:

Pleasant space, cool air, gentle locals, lustiness and romance of this land will make you wish to live slowly, live for yourselselves more.