Hoi An and 19 experiences always make you remember

12, July, 2016

Hoi An and 19 experiences always make you remember

In the list of 10 Vietnam tourist destinations, Hoi An is a point that leaves the most acutely effective impression in the hearts of international travelers. Coming to Hoi An is being immersed in the traditional culture space of craft villages, old houses with traditional architecture, unique cuisine and the ideal shopping paradise. Those are factors that attract many tourists to visit Hoi An. Here are 19 experiences you can not forget when travel to Hoi An.

hoi an cyclo tour

1. Cycling to explore the acient town: Quarter of the town is not too broad, stunning ancient architecture of Hoi An is why many travelers choose the bicycle as the main means to explore.

2. Having Breakfast in markets with local specialties: Dishes are served in the morning include My Quang, high floor dish, bloating fren-shaped cake... After eating, you should take advantage of a walk to the market to discover the local fruits and vegetables, folk cakes ...

3. Eating the world's most delicious bread in Hoi An - Phuong bread. Bread here is small, tapered tips. Ram meat is the main ingredient. Highlights of Phuong bread is the delicious core, and can use 2-4 hours without affecting the taste of bread.
4. Drinking coffee at the roadside teahouses: These shops usually sells coffee put in the low glass es. Milk coffee is usually divided into 3 levels of milk, coffee and ice. When drinking, visitors lightly stirr to dissolve this mixture.

5.Tailor in Hoi An town: Many tourists travel to Hoi An affirmed that clothes here is not only beautiful but also faster. Just a few hours after you ask, workers will finish sewing the clothes that you like. Even if you can not wait, just leave the measure and address, the shop will send the product to your hands.

shopping in hoi an

6. Bathing at Cua Dai beach and enjoying fresh seafood. Besides, you can also go to sea in the evening to admire a shimmering open sea under the oil lamp.

7. Reading in An Bang Beach - one of the beautiful, pristine beaches of Vietnam ever voted by CNN.

8. Taking a boat on the Thu Bon River, watching the gorgeous sand dunes, smelling the fragrance of rice, watching mountains ... In addition, an evening dining with friends, singing guitar on drifting boat is also interesting.

09. Visiting Tra Que vegetable village, learn about the characteristics of the vegetables are grown here, watching the cows grazing or joining riding buffalo service full of fun.

10. Visiting Kim Bong carpentry village in Cam Kim far from Hoi An a boat trip. Here, you will hear the artisans told that their fathers were Nguyen kings invited to the capital to build and renovate the building.

11. Visiting Cam Ha flower village - a traditional flower growing village of Hoi An. Go there, you will feel the charm of lovely and hospitable people.

12. Going to Thanh Ha pottery village 3 km from Hoi An. In 16-17 century, the village was famous for pottery, terracotta items. Meanwhile, the products made here are exchanged, wholesale throughout the central provinces.

13. Thanh Nam fishing village is also one of the traditional villages of Hoi An. Here, you can combine sightseeing fishing village and Cua Dai beach by boat or basket boat.

14. Going to Cham Island - an island group in Tan Hiep, Hoi An City, Cua Dai beach from 18 km to the east. It is gorgeous with beautiful beaches, ancient buildings, coral reefs and many species of valuable fisheries.

15. Strolling around the ancient town: From 17 pm daily, the main street in the old town are attached table that allow pedestrians and not auto traffic travel. Places to visit are Tran Phu main streets, the Japanese bridge, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Nguyen Thai Hoc, Bach Dang Street, Phung Hung old house, Quang Dong Assembly hall, Chinese assembly halls ...

things to do in hoi an

16. Enjoying the dishes in small markets along the river at nightfall: The main dish here is the local cuisine, many visitors choose this place for eating and watching the flow of people.

17. Drinking coffee in the bar with views overlooking the river. If during the day, you can watch the old houses, visitors leisurely cycling. Also that location, at night would be the sequence of lanterns, flower boats, bustling stream of people ...

18. Drop ing flower garlands and coloured lanterns: Each month, 1st and 15th, Hoi An has night festival. However, the flower lights are sold most of the days of the month. You can buy, drop across the river to the wish.

19. Taking pictures: Dominant color of the old town is warm yellow so whether you choose to photograph in any style, the photos are beautiful and soulful.