Traveling to Vietnam with small kids

14, July, 2016

Traveling to Vietnam with small kids

Are you looking for a Vietnam family holiday with kids, but you are not sure where to visit and what type of hotels or resorts will be best for them. Let Vivutravel suggest you the following destinations for your Vietnam tour with small kids as below:

Northern Vietnam:
Most of the clients are interested in traveling to both Halong bay and Sapa, because they are the most highlights in Vietnam tour. However, is it possible to do both when you have to carry your kids?

Both Halong bay and Sapa are very fabulous destinations to visit and you can safely travel with your small kids.

For Halong bay: It is easy for you and your kids because it is jut far from Hanoi 165km and it takes you 3.5 hours to get there. In Halong, if you like to overnight on the cruise, you should choose the very good cruise from 4 to 5 star which has more relaxing time than the others. Besides, depend on your wish, you can take 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights on a cruise.

Traveling to Halong bay, you can book the packaged trip from travel agents in Vietnam or you can book packaged trip with private transfer or shuttle bus from the cruise you choose. However, if you book from travel agents you may get the cheaper price because they have co tract rate for the whole year round, and they also can support you a pickup / see off airport service.

If you book directly from cruises, they only can support you a service from Hanoi city centre. However, from / to the airport you can take a taxi for your family.

vietnam with kids

For Sapa tour: Firstly, you have to take a night train to Lao Cai, then from Lao Cai train station, you will be transferred to Sapa by private transfer or shuttle bus or taxi. It takes you 9 hours by train and 1 more hour by car. However, from 1 January 2015 you can take the comfortable bus or private transfer from Hanoi to go ahead to Sapa via a new highway. It takes you only 5 – 6 hours.

In Sapa, there are some options for your choosing such as Sapa free and easy tours, Sapa trekking tours, Sapa market tours. In our opinion, you should choose Sapa free and easy tours because you still have time to look after your kids, time to relax, time to take part in some small treks in the villages and time to discover around Sapa.

If you would like to see the terraced rice fields, green mountains, the best time will be at the end of August and beginning of September when the weather is so cool, fresh, have rain but not much. After that, from at the end of September to the middle of December are very good time for hiking or trekking, because this period is the dry season. You should not travel to Sapa with small kids at the end of December to February because the weather is very cold and foggy.

Central Vietnam:
The rest of the trip will be Hoian and Nha Trang: The environment and culture in the central Vietnam are very interesting to explore and relax on the white sandy beaches and take part in some water sports.

Hoian is a great destination to explore, especially when visiting Hoian countryside your family will have a chance to enjoy the basket boat trip in Cua Dai beach, taking a leisurely bike tour or taking lantern making class. Or some light visit in Hoian ancient town. Besides, take a rest in Cua Dai or An bang sandy beach is also the best choice when you traveling to Hoian with the small kids.

In Nha Trang, that being said, it is so beautiful destination for family vacation. Vinpearl amusement park will be the best choice for your small kids because it has so many fun activities to enjoy. Besides, relaxing on the beach, enjoying seafood and discovering Nha Trang by night is also very interesting for the family.

vietnam vacation with kids

Southern Vietnam:
If you visiting Vietnam without Southern will be a big miss because this destination is so interesting to explore. Traveling to Vietnam with the small kids, you can take the time to discover Dam Sen water park and Suoi Tien amusement park. Both of them have very plenty of rides, attractions, and activities which will be the best way to keep your small kid during your holiday.

Dam Sen water park is not too far away from the city centre where you can easily taking a taxi to get there. Inside the park, there are a lot themed water and pools for kids to play while Suoi Tien park is a Buddha amusement park which seems so strange but there are a lot of fun for kids.

It will be depending on your budget you still can choose the best accommodations for your family. Because in Vietnam, we provide the various services from home-stay, guesthouses to 5-star hotels & resorts. However, to be the most comfortable for your family you should choose from 3 to 5 stars. If they are hotels, they would be in the city central. If they are resorts, they would be in the large place with the beautiful garden, beach and swimming pool.

To avoid a tour do not as your expect, you’d better look for a Vietnam family tour package from travel agents. They will help you to have a perfect and memorable Vietnam holiday.