Top 16 Reasons to Visit Vietnam

17, August, 2016

Top 16 Reasons to Visit Vietnam

From adventure seekers and culture buffs to beach hoppers and foodies, the Vietnam tour packages have something on offer for absolutely everyone. With its 3250 km of coastline, fascinating culture, exquisite food, the famous Ha long Bay and the world's largest cave system, this is a perfect destination to explore for those that want something a little different. With certain countries (Spain, Italy, Germany, France, UK, Scandinavia, South Korea, Japan and ASEAN) visa exempt for a specific period, this shows that Vietnam's is extremely serious about is tourism trade.

Here are the top reasons to visit Vietnam

1 - Breathtaking landscape
Vietnam has plenty of hidden gems throughout the country that are certain to appeal to those interested in culture, history and adventure. There are several world heritage sites that are appreciated for their intense natural beauty, and include Trang An scenic landscape complex, Hoi An Ancient Street, Phong Nha - Ke Bang caves  and national park, Halong Bay. Additionally, there are a variety of non-heritage sites that are also able to surprise with the very picturesque destination of Sapa a popular choice. In the Thai Binh province is the Keo pagoda and a truly delightful religious place that is situated in close to paddy fields and greeneries. If you are looking for a real breathtaking and adventurous Vietnam tour, the northeast and northwest of Vietnam are ideal destinations - Mai Chau valley, Mu Cang Chai rice terraces, mystical Y Ty, Ha Giang or Ba Be lake. Whether you are interested in the off the beaten path or must see sites, there is a lot here to keep the travellers entertained on the tours in Vietnam.

16 reasons to visit vietnam

2 - Friendly and hospitable
Similar to neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia, the Vietnamese people are friendly and hospitable no matter where you go, from the rural countryside to the urban cities. Whatever town or city you are visiting, you are certain to see welcoming smiles. A visit to the popular central city of Hue is well known for the sweet and elegant nature of the locals, while those from Hoi An are appreciated for being very honest. Additionally, a visit to the Mekong Delta makes it possible to mingle with the locals and be very well received.

3 - Great affordability
Even for a Southeast Asian country, the budget traveller visiting Vietnam is certain to love the great affordability. Food served on the street stalls can cost in the region of $1 or $2, while a stay at a hostel dorm can go as low as $5 per night. Because you are able to stretch your money wider and further, you get to experience the more fun and enjoyable journey throughout the country. Souvenirs, activities, transportation, accommodation and food, they are attractively priced which means you could spend a lot less in a week then you are likely to spend travelling to other continents. Even if travelling to the large metropolitan areas like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, you can easily get by on about $15 per person/per day.

4 - Unique travel experience
Visiting Vietnam gives the opportunity to enjoy the most unique travel experience. From sand surfing with the locals in Mui Ne to taking photographs of the sunrise in Hoi An, or staying with the locals in the Northern mountain town of Sapa, there are a variety of nowhere to be found and unique experiences to enjoy. A great thing with Vietnam is that there is so much to discover, that you will want to come back for more in the future.

5 - Delicious food
The Vietnamese food is a delicious combination of Vietnamese creativity and French heritage that includes the best of Chinese and Thai cuisines. The local dishes go far beyond spring rolls and pho and often vary by region. Plenty of dishes are dominated by fresh vegetables, while poultry and meat are starting to gain in popularity. Any of the tourist sites near the beach resorts, such as Da Nang or Nha Trang, is heavily influenced by the fresh seafood caught locally, which is usually available at a very affordable price.

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The street food stalls are a very common sight throughout Vietnam and serve a wide range of fresh and healthy dishes including seafood, sticky rice, Banh mi, spring roll, and the iconic pho noodle soup. The fresh and fried spring rolls are served up with one of the many different sauces, while other delights include the banana cake in a coconut milk sauce, grilled corn on the cob, or giant seafood filled pancakes.

6 - Easy and fast immigration
Applying for a Vietnam visa to start the Vietnam tours is an easy and fast process. In addition to applying for the Visa at the embassy, the entry visa can also be applied for on arrival at the airport or certain land crossings. Even though it is possible to apply upon arrival, the early application is usually advised because it is the most efficient travel option on arrival in the country.

7 - Explore the national parks
The natural resources throughout Vietnam are something that is well worth talking about. The national parks throughout the country make it possible to admire the pristine scenery, wildlife or get involved in a long list of activities. For instance, you can visit the tropical forest of Cat Ba or Cuc Phuong to experience bird watching or camping in Fansipan, trekking in Bach Ma, or rent a cheap motorbike and tour the Cat Tien national park. Even though the tourist industry has increased the amount of commercial activities in the region, there are still plenty of relatively unspoiled sites that are perfect for the nature lovers.

8 - Beautiful beaches
The world-famous beaches of Mui Ne, Nha Trang, and Da Nang make it possible to completely relax on some of the finest beaches in the world under the shining sun. Most of the beaches give great opportunities to experience the water sport activities, while also being safe to swim. A visit to Mui Ne is a perfect destination to experience the local fresh seafood while also enjoying one of the quieter and peaceful beach resorts. A visit to Da Nang makes it possible to relax on a world-class beach that is perfect for families and couples alike. For the traveller that is more interested in the beach activities, Nha Trang is a great choice for windsurfing and kite running.

Even though Vietnam has several stunning beaches, they are still underestimated and less visited by tourists compared to travelling to neighbouring countries like Thailand or the Philippines. Beyond the most popular beaches, there are also several hidden gems that are less explored including Phu Quoc, Con Dao, Ly Son, Quy Nhon and Cu Lao Cham.

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9 - Be adventurous
A great way to truly experience the Vietnam tour is to copy the locals and rent a motorbike for a complete tour of the country from north to south, or a shortened journey that takes you into the mountains in the Northern region. The Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park has the largest cave system in the world (Son Doong) and perfect for the cave explorers. Other adventurous activities include canoeing in the city of Da Lat, or the sky surfing or diving opportunities on one of the many top-rated beaches. Go trekking in the mountainous region of Sapa. Phu Quoc and Nha Trang are great beach towns that make windsurfing, snorkelling and scuba diving viable options. Plus, there are many places to visit in the highlands that are perfect for motorbike tours. Additionally, for those that wish to stay closer to the major cities, it is possible to experience the water puppet shows, traditional dance and live music.

10 - Go shopping
The tours in Vietnam can become a shopper's paradise with the opportunity to experience a wide range of home made handicrafts and ethnic fashions. From traditional women's outfits and scarves to ethnic earrings, there are plenty of great offers throughout the entire length of the country. Plus, Hoi An is famous for its speed tailors that make it possible to order the tailor-made suit or dress which is completed within a matter of hours.

11 - Traditional festivals
Thanks to the countries Buddhist influence, rich tradition and history, there are festivals taking place throughout the year. Most of the festivals are relatively unheard of in the West, but still great fun to experience. Tet holiday is one of the most well-known festivals and gives time for families to celebrate their love for each other and their ancestors. In Hai Phong, there is a buffalo fighting festival, while there are also plenty of Vietnam public holidays that can be great fun to join in. If you are in Vietnam at the start of September, you can experience one of the nationwide street parades with plenty going on and firework displays at night.

12 - Cruising
Whether it is a five-star cruise or a short ride on a River cruiser, there are plenty of plenty of opportunities to experience a boat ride in Vietnam. A River cruiser is great to explore Halong Bay for the day or overnight, while a longer cruise along the Mekong Delta makes it possible to travel deep into Cambodia. Other popular destinations to explore include Nha Trang Bay with the possibility to explore the local region on a luxury cruiser.

13 - Travel friendly setup
Vietnam is absolutely great for travelling with the increased tourist industry; this country has become very travel friendly. Many of the famous sites in the tourist areas have English spoken widely, while there are plenty of restaurants that offer menus in English. There are plenty of shops that give convenient access to virtually everything you need. Staying in any of the popular hotels or guesthouses gives convenient access to directions, booking sightseeing tours and renting transportation. Irrespective of what you need to acquire or know, you can usually find exactly what you need within a matter of minutes.

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14 - History
The historical events of Vietnam are one of its major attractions for the visitor to this country. There are plenty of educational sites up and down the country that relate to the wide range of events including the Vietnam War. A visit to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) has the very emotional war museum and imperial palaces. Plus, there are plenty of old warplanes in different areas of the city, while it is also possible to explore the Cu Chi tunnels that were used by the Vietcong soldiers during the war. In Hanoi, you can visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum which is the resting place of Ho Chi Minh. If you like to know more about the history of the country you are touring, there is a lot to see and learn on the Vietnam tour packages.

15 - Local culture
Vietnam not too long ago marked its 1000-year anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi and has built up a very rich and diverse culture that can manifest in a variety of interesting ways. There is plenty of interesting architecture such as the venerable Tan Ky House and the Japanese bridge in Hoi An, while there is also the temple at Hoan Kiem Lake. Additionally, there is also a wide range of traditional entertainment and performances, including the Vietnamese water puppets. For those travellers interested in fine art, a visit to Kim Bong Village makes it possible to admire the intriguing carvings. Also, for those that want to get a first-hand glimpse of the culture in action, you can visit at the time of the festivals, with the Tet (the New Year) the most important in the Vietnam calendar.

16 - Ground Transport
The easy ground transport in Vietnam is perfect for travelers that aren’t in any particular hurry. A slow and relaxing journey on the land transportation makes it possible to view the wonderful scenery at a leisurely pace. A trip on the north to south Reunification Express railway system covers the entire length of the country, with scenic rides from the capital city to historic sites like Hue.

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