Top 5 ways to travel throughout Vietnam

09, September, 2016

Top 5 ways to travel throughout Vietnam

Visiting a new country for the first time can be both exciting and daunting; especially when you are visiting a country that does not have the western infrastructure, such as underground tube stations or public transport network we are used too.

Vietnams transport system is continuously improving. Road surfaces are much better than they used to be, buses are no longer over crowded and cramped and the railway system has much improved; giving tourists and visitors a much better chance of traveling in a comfortable way to their destination.

Choosing to trust your travel arrangements with a Vietnam tour operator is an easy and cost effective way to travel around any country, in most cases tour operators will be able to negotiate much better rates and will have inside knowledge of the best places to visit and the easiest way to get to your destination too.

Vietnam tour packages give you the chance to sit back and relax and let the hassle of bookings and travel arrangements be taken care of by a trusted and experienced company. Vivutravel offers a huge range of Vietnam tour packages, each tailor made to get the best out of your holiday.

In preparation for your Vietnam holiday, we have compiled a list of Top 5 ways to get around Vietnam. If you need more information or assistance on organising any of the below, get in touch with Vivutravel who are waiting to help organise your Vietnam tour package.

The Road and travel in General
Vietnam is famed for its small and narrow roads; roads which were built for much smaller vehicles than buses and cars. Road rules and regulations are very different than in the UK and drivers will overtake along the most narrow roads at any given time.

Road surfaces have improved, but due to the amount of traffic accidents are common.

Vietnamese drivers use their horns liberally and are not shy in telling another driver when they are in the wrong. Just be prepared for beeping horns, bumpy road surfaces and driving styles that are different from the UK.

travel vietnam by road

1. Plane
If your Vietnam tour package takes you from North to South Vietnam than an internal flight maybe an option for you. Flying between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will take around 2 hours on a flight. A journey that will usually take 30 – 40 hours on a train.

Flights are cheap and airlines offer the same comforts and levels of service we are used to anywhere we fly in the world. Vietnam Airlines are the national carrier and offer competitive prices as well as being efficient. The domestic flight competition is growing and this is helping to keep prices low and the overall service high.

Many Vietnam cities have airports, your tour operator will be able to advise the best place to fly to and they can even book your flight for you too.

2. Bus
Most bus journeys in Vietnam will be organised and led by privately run tour operators. The tours will usually commence from the offices or place where the companies are situated.

Bus is the main route of travel for many Vietnamese, but national bus services are usually over crowded and take a lot longer as they stop at many more stops along the route than a private tour operator. Vietnam roads can be bumpy and the journeys long, so comfort is usually key when choosing a tour operator to travel with.

With the improvement on the roads and increasingly more tourists using buses, competition between companies is high, prices are invariable driven down so traveling by bus can be a very cost effective way to see Vietnam.

Private tour buses or 'open tour' as they are often referred to, offer a comfortable and efficient service. Many buses will have seating, air conditioning and some will even offer on board toilets. As journeys can be long, the overnight bus services will offer sleeper cabins, but be warned Vietnams bumpy roads may keep you awake!

Major cities will have their own local bus networks, be sure to use your Vietnam tour operator to negotiate the most competitive prices for you. Using a Vietnam tour package will ensure all of your bus journeys are taken care of, leaving you free to enjoy the trip!

travel vietnam by bus

3. Ferry & Boat Journeys
If you choose to include a trip to one of Vietnam's spectacular islands on your Vietnam tour package, you will undoubtedly take a boat or ferry. Scheduled ferries run all throughout the year in Vietnam, with many offering a unique and beautiful view of surrounding countryside and cities.

Boat trips can be organised to many of the incredible islands and tourist attractions, and they offer a cost effective and relaxing way to travel.

Your Vietnam tour operator will be able to assist you with your bookings and recommend the best ferries and operators to use for your boat journey.

4. Rail
Due to the competitive nature of buses, very few tourists are still opting to use the railway network. Rail can actually be a more comfortable, friendly and reliable option.

Many locals use the railway system and due to this you will invariably get to meet some unique and friendly locals; you may even get to to enjoy some of their cuisine they bring for the journey.

Rail is safe. Buses will travel along bumpy roads, risk of accidents is often higher and you do not get bombarded with people trying to sell you items every time you stop to pick up more passengers.

The railway system covers more than 2000km across Vietnam, with much of it being slowly updated. Traveling by train is more expensive as you will want to choose to travel in as higher class as possible. Although the railways service is still cheap in comparison to western prices.

Choosing to travel in first class or similar is worth the initial cost. You will travel on softer seats and the trains will be air conditioned and many will actually be new carriages.

It is always worth spending the money and investing in an overnight cabin if your journey is taking you through the night, cabins are not luxurious but are ample for getting forty winks.

Using a tour operator to organise your tickets and book travel as part of your Vietnam tour package, will give you access to competitive deals and ensure everything is taken care of for you.

vietnam motorcycling tour

5. Motorbike, car or Jeep
Motorbike hire is readily available from many cities in Vietnam. Traveling by motorbike can be a great way to experience a city and a really easy and efficient way of ensuring you get to see all the sights.

Motorbikes are notoriously cheap to rent and this is a big draw for tourists looking for a cost effective way of seeing a city. Long distance driving is not recommended, with many roads still in need of updating and the way in which Vietnam drivers navigate, can make for treacherous driving. However, using a motorbike around a city can be great fun.

There are certain regulations and paperwork that need to be sorted prior to renting a motorbikes, you will need a copy of your international driving license and you will need third party insurance; all of which can be organised as part of your Vietnam tour package.

Private hire of cars and jeeps are not allowed by international tourists within Vietnam, you can however organise a private car and driver. Your driver will be allocated to you for the entire time, often advising on great places to visit. Vietnam tour packages are the best way to organise your own driver and companies like Vivutravel will ensure one of their employees is allocated as your designated driver. Its a great way to experience a country in a personal and unique way.

Travel Vietnam on a Vietnam tour package
Vivutravel will allocate a tour guide unique to you and your itinerary. Using local, friendly and professional people, you will soon form a bond as they introduce you to the best of what their country has to offer.

There really are many reasons to use a tour operator to help with your Vietnam holiday from the UK. A tour operator like Vivutravel have many years experience in organising detailed itineraries for the whole of Vietnam. Check out their testimonials online to see what their customers are saying about them.

An exceptional tour operator in Vietnam with vast experience and knowledge, you will feel very safe in their hands.

How to book a Vietnam tour package?
Vivutravel is a professional and friendly tour operator in Vietnam; from completing the initial enquiry form through to booking your chosen Vietnam tour itinerary the experience will be straightforward and easy. With many customers' reviews on Tripadvisor, you can be assured of their loyalty to you and your Vietnam holiday package. Simply complete their online travel enquiry form and one of their expert travel consultants will be in touch to discuss your Vietnam tour package.

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