Indochina holidays with Vivutravel

24, September, 2016

Indochina holidays with Vivutravel

The popularity of Vietnam, and subsequently all the other countries in South East Asia has firmly placed Indochina in the tourist spotlight. Independent travellers have been able to focus on their particular interests but there are now experienced tour companies that can arrange Vietnam private tours as well as Indochina tour packages to allow tourists to experience the differences and similarities across the neighbouring countries. Vivutravel with 10 years’ experience in this specialist market is one such tour company. It has received many positive recommendations from websites such as TripAdvisor and its membership of travel bodies such as PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) is confirmation of Vivutravel’s commitment to service, present and future clients.

While there is plenty of online information for everyone to read through that is only really the first part of a process to finally decide on a location and to make a booking. There are some practical issues involved in selecting a holiday destination and there is no substitute for making contact with an expert in the region, in this case Vietnam and its neighbours.

Vietnam tour packages can be varied to cater for a group’s particular interest. There is so much on offer ranging from historical, religious and cultural highlights to stunning beaches on extensive coastlines and wonderful forested interiors where the natural environment, flora and fauna is the backdrop to many different activities.

Vietnam has a rich history with its most recent struggles the War that ultimately led to the unification of North and South into a single country. The overseas’ legacy though involves a period when the French was its colonial master. Their lasting legacy is not only architecture but also wide attractive boulevards in the major cities of Hanoi, today’s capital in the North and Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) in the South. The good travel infrastructure involving road, rail and domestic flights means that a tailor made Vietnam tour can reveal all the country’s riches in a single holiday. If you talk to Vivutravel and agree your first visit it is likely that you will return again.

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Vietnam Highlights
The two major cities are essential in a Vietnam tour with several other attractions likely inclusions:

• Sa Pa Terraces in the Northern Highlands where indigenous tribes live by growing rice and vegetables.
• The UNESCO World Heritage site, Halong Bay is stunning, a huge number of islands and a 100 km coastline.
• The beaches of Central Vietnam, accessed from Vietnam’s third city, Danang.
• The Cu Chi Tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the War.
• The Mekong Delta where it is easy to observe village life; little has changed for years.

Some people have just a short time available for a Vietnam holiday so there will be some of these things that are not possible first time around. You can discuss all the practicalities of just a short time in Vietnam and get the best out of your time.

Khmer Empire
While Thailand has been long established as a popular tourist destination with Vietnam following up behind and growing quickly, there are other countries in Indochina whose history, culture and religion are interlinked. Two of them, Myanmar and Laos are fairly late on the scene but Cambodia with the impressive Angkor Wat, Khmer architecture at its best has been on travellers’ must see list for some time. The reason why Indochina tour packages are becoming so popular is that empires such as that of the Khmer did not follow today’s boundaries.

Those interested in Khmer architecture recognize that Angkor Wat is just the east end of a ‘’road’’ of Khmer architecture. The western end is in Thailand, Prasat Hin Phimai. Even though the Khmer were Hindus, the temple was a Buddhist temple when built in the late 11th Century.

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The Mekong
Similarly although the Mekong River is not navigable throughout its length due largely to rapids, it does flow from the interior and the final stretch from Cambodia’s capital. Phnom Penh down to Vietnam and the East Sea does offer cruises along the whole length. It is therefore logical that a company like Vivutravel, based in Hanoi, offers not only Vietnam tour packages but also the chance to visit the neighbouring countries.

Vietnam War and Laos
Some visitors to the region are interested in the Vietnam War in which case the Central Region of Vietnam is of great interest, the region that was effectively the border area between North and South. The Viet Cong’s Cu Chi Tunnels are further south close to what is now Ho Chi Minh City. However Laos was also a victim during the War with large areas suffering from American bombing. Although the infrastructure within Laos is not as well developed as that of Vietnam there are parts of Laos that war historians will enjoy. The roads can be impassable at times during the monsoon rains but trips to see such highlights as the Bolaven Plateau in the South. There are many things of interest here including the Plain of Jars near its edge.

The real highlight of Laos is not its capital, Vientiane but the ancient capital of Luang Prabang and its great examples of Khmer architecture, a third country for those interested in Khmer history to visit. The Vat Phou Temple Complex was actually started as early as the 7th Century and continued over several centuries.

Vivutravel will organise a tailor made Vietnam tour for you to cover the range of attractions within the country but also a tour that goes into neighbouring countries as well. There are many people to want to experience the natural environment. The flora and fauna is stunning with a host of mammals, birds, reptiles and snakes in the remote parts of Indochina. It would be wrong to expect to see a tiger. This species is rare everywhere in the world and the numbers still existing in the wild in Indochina very small indeed. However that does not mean that you will be disappointed by the things you see and can do. There are trails to follow, caves to explore and waterfalls aplenty. If you put your holiday in Vietnam in the hands of Vivutravel, a company with many positive reviews on TripAdvisor, you will never regret it.

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