10 Reasons to Go to Vietnam

18, October, 2016

10 Reasons to Go to Vietnam

The exceptional country has the most popular backpacking trails in the world and it is regarded as a dream destination by many people who’ve visited. Vietnam is a fiercely independent country with a killer coastline that will have you exhilarated. While previously Vietnam was thought of as a war torn country, a lot of people are now discovering that it’s pretty safe to visit. Featuring beautiful landscapes, natural rivers and vast mountains, visiting Vietnam will leave you with lifetime memories.

Some of the reasons you should opt for Vietnam tours include:

1. Breathtaking beaches and coastlines
If you are looking for a safe haven to just rest and enjoy the views, Vietnam will never disappoint. Beaches like Nha Trang, Mui Ne and Da Nang provide visitors with a unique beach experience. You can either choose to relax from the huts nearby or participate in different water sports. There are luxurious beach resorts along the coastline if you would like to experience the beach in real time.

2. Rich culture and historical heritage
There are different Vietnam travel packages tailor made to ensure that you get to experience the rich culture and historical heritage Vietnam has to provide. The country has different UNESCO heritage sites such as Hue monument, Hoi An Old Quarter and Phong Na National Park which has the world’s largest caves. You can also visit Halong Bay and sample the different sites in the area. Visit the Cu Chi war tunnels or see old war planes around the city. In Hanoi, you can visit the place Ho Chi Minh was laid to rest.

Additionally, the Vietnamese are determined to still preserve their culture even with the bustling foreign influences. You’ll see hardworking farmers in the countryside and modest homes they live in. There is also an abundance of coffee culture and you will notice how locals love to meet outside for a cup of coffee.

3. Exquisite cuisine
Anywhere you go, you’ll always hear of the Vietnamese cuisine and what better way to experience it but at its source. If you are up for an adventure, there are food stalls around the city that offer noodle soup, fresh spring rolls and popular meat burgers. The meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and herbs.

vietnamese cuisine

4. Pocket friendly
We all know how travel can be expensive in some countries. Luckily, Vietnam is one of the most affordable destinations in the world. You can book a private Vietnam tour at a fraction of the cost you would have spent in another Asian country, Beers retail at a couple of cents and a decent meal can cost you under $2. Hotel rooms can cost you$5 a night. Generally, Transport, accommodation and activities will end up costing you less than what you could have spent in a day in some countries. This means that you get to travel and experience Vietnam more.

5. Friendly locals
The Vietnamese are one of the most accommodating and friendly people you’ll ever come across.  Wherever you go, you will be visited by kind hellos and smiles. Furthermore, the locals are always willing to help especially if you are a tourist. At the end of your trip, you’re guaranteed to make new friends and feel at home whenever you visit.

6. Exciting activities to participate in
If you are traveling with kids or you just love participating in various activities, Vietnam is an excellent travel destination that will keep you busy through your entire trip. You can swim, kayak and tube in beaches along the Ha Long Bay or scuba dive, snorkel or trek deep at Dong Hoi. There are lots of shopping and trekking in traditional villages. You can also participate in motorbike tours and canyoning in the highlands. Take a cooking class, watch traditional dances or learn a new language. The activities are endless.

7. Travel Friendly setup
While traveling to some countries feels like an uphill task, Vietnam is designed to be travel friendly. English is widely spoken in restaurants, tourist sites and around cities, some hotels will also provide you with transportation options, sightseeing tours and areas to visit for a sumptuous meal. Moreover, there are different Vietnam travel packages that provide an itinerary based on your budget and interest.

vietnam travel

8. Gorgeous landscape
Sapa features towering mountain ranges lined with lush forests, rivers, fields of rice and lakes. Conversely, Halong Bay has some of the most beautiful cliffs that any nature lover will like. If you love visiting parks, Vietnam has stunning parks in Ninh Binh such as Cuc Phuong.  Phu Quoc is home to monkeys and it is surrounded by pristine beaches with crystal looking waters.

9. Traditional festivals
You can participate in different traditional festivals around the city the most notable one being Tet holiday which celebrates ancient ancestors. There are nationwide parades on Vietnam’s Independence Day. Witness a buffalo fighting festival in Hai Phong and get to interact with the locals.

10. Coffee
You cannot leave Vietnam without tasting a cup of iced coffee with condensed milk or a simple black coffee. Various places on the streets serve uniquely blended coffee guaranteed to delight your taste buds. You can also take some coffee home.

Vietnam is a one stop travel destination that you should plan to visit on your next vacation. There are travel companies that provide Vietnam travel packages at pocket friendly prices. You can relax and let your agent handle all the booking on your behalf.

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