The best Vietnam food on your organised tour

06, December, 2016

The best Vietnam food on your organised tour

Treat your tastebuds to a true taste of Vietnam

Food has the ability to speak, food is a universal language, food is the one thing we all have in common and the one thing we all understand. Give someone a piece of bread and they will know what it is, no spoken words needed just a nod of the head and a kind smile and you have communicated with another person.

When you visit a new country, the wonderment of what the food will be like can leave you excited and nervous. Will you like the local cuisine, what do they eat and where should you  eat?

Vietnam is known for many things; 2000 miles of glorious coastline, thousands of ancient and magical temples, green, lush rainforests and most of all is incredible people.

However, Vietnam offers you the chance to taste some of the worlds best cuisines.

Due to it's many outside influences, you can enjoy a range of different types of food; from french inspired dishes to traditional dishes produced using local and seasonal ingredients.

A country located in the tropics, with plenty of arable land, Vietnam produces tonnes of important food crops. Food crops which are exported all across the world, Vietnam are actually the second largest exporter of rice.

More to Vietnam than Rice.
Vietnam is known for growing a wide range of amazing foods like sweet potatoes, beans, rice, cocoa, pepper and corn to name a few. Most of which are healthy and nutritious, and for many are the staple foods of their everyday diets.

Seasonal herbs are a huge part of daily cooking in Vietnam and they use over 70 different varieties, no Vietnamese dish will be complete without a herb or two!

Your food tour of Vietnam
We have put together a list of foods, places and dishes you should taste on your tantalising adventure around Vietnam. Your organised Vietnam tour can be tailor made to include food tours around the area you are visiting. A local Vietnam tour operator, like Vivutravel will ensure you are placed on the best tour suited to your food tastes.

vietnam food tour

Here is our Top 6 foodie 'must eat' dishes in Vietnam.

1.    Tuck into a sauce or two
Vietnam has over 30 kinds of sauces; from fish, shrimp, crab to frog and crab egg sauce. Sauces will be served with most meals and are typically added to broth and rice dishes. They will be freshly made, with locally sourced ingredients and they are a true traditional way of eating in Vietnam. Working your way through the range of fresh, delicious sauces should be high on your culinary journey. See how many you can try on your visit and choose your favourite.

2.    Get sticky with 'Xoi'
Xoi known as glutinous rice, sweet rice or sticky rice in English is a dish typically eaten for breakfast. It is made by soaking rice for a number of of hours until enough water has been absorbed and will then be drained and steamed. The preparation means the rice gets soft and sticks together in a sticky lump. Ingredients are added and Xoi is often topped with thinly sliced pork or chicken. Xoi will vary throughout Vietnam, each region will prepare and eat it in a different way. In Hanoi, you will be able to tuck into 'Xoi com' known as 'young green sticky rice'. The rice would have been coloured using natural ingredients, and is made with coconut milk and panda leaves. A perfectly lovely sweet rice. Your tour guide will point out the best places to try this tasty local delicacy.

3.    A taste of French
Banh Mi or the 'Vietnamese baguette' plays an important role in Vietnamese mealtimes. The French introduced the traditional baguette throughout their rule in the mid 1800's, and it has been embraced and eaten throughout the country ever since. Visit any city, town or village on your Vietnam tour and you will be able to tuck into this locally baked bread. Typically sold by street vendors and eaten with anything and everything, each region will have their own unique style of eating and baking Banh Mi. You can enjoy a different taste where ever you choose to take your Vietnam food tour.

4.    Street Food
You will be overwhelmed by the smells and sights of the street food vendors in Vietnam and especially in a city like Hanoi. Street food tours are a fabulous way of being shown around some of the best traditional food available, your tour guide will be able to organise a food tour for you. Street food is diverse, freshly cooked, great great value for money and is a great way of eating with the locals. Read more: Street food tour in Hanoi

The most popular street food is beef noodles and is eaten all throughout the country with minor regional alterations to the recipes. A mouth-watering dish not to be missed. Join the locals and tuck into Xoi (sticky rice), Banh Mi sandwiches, Goi cuon (fresh spring rolls) and over 20 different types of noodles served in varying broths and sauces.

5.    Snack Time
Snacks in Vietnam are typically fruit or vegetables, you will not see sugar laden sweets or snack bars. Snacks will be grown locally and available from most street vendors. If you choose a 'homestay' on your Vietnam tour, you can guarantee you will be tucking into many traditional Vietnamese snacks.

Each city and region on your Vietnam tour will give you a chance to taste a local snack, all freshly cooked and healthy for you too.

6.    Sip Soup
'Pho' or Soup as it is recognised in English, is the most well known dish in Vietnam and is one of their oldest, traditional food dishes. There are hundreds of varieties of Pho available all throughout Vietnam. Pho is typically made using dried noodles, thinly sliced fried potatoes and flavoured using various different cuts of pork. Pho will also be finished off with roasted duck and other ingredients the chef may choose to use. Pho should be sipped slowly, devouring the smell and taking your time to enjoy all the lovely flavours.

Where ever you choose to go on your Vietnam tour, you can guarantee your tour guide will be able to advise the best food places for you and can easily organise local food tours too.

Treat your tastebuds to a true taste of Vietnam.
An organised Vietnam tour really is a spectacular way of seeing the country. You will feel welcomed, safe and relaxed in the company of Vivutravel tour guides.

They always have you and your interests in mind and as their many testimonials state;

Vivutravel are experts at organising the best holiday of a lifetime for you.

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