The Best Places to Visit in Vietnam in 2020

13, January, 2017

The Best Places to Visit in Vietnam in 2020

The number of overseas tourists visiting Vietnam has been growing year by year. The recent figures published suggest that every region of Vietnam is benefitting from increased numbers.  The implication of this is that there are already many recognised reasons for a Vietnam holiday ranging from history and culture to the natural environment and the wonderful coastline, all 3,200 kilometres of it. In 2020, these trends are expected to continue. A good Vietnam tour operator is able to put together a Vietnam tour package to meet clients’ needs. Each operator is likely to have tours in place based upon their experience and knowledge of the Country. What the most popular Vietnam tour for 2020 might be is difficult to guess but there are several options that can make a strong case, tours of anything up to 20 days?

The limiting factor can be time. Those who can only spend a week or so can obviously see far less than people that have as much as three weeks. The good news is the internal transport infrastructure is good but Vietnam, north to south, takes time overland. The answer is flying with regular domestic flights from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and back. Danang is the main city in the centre of Vietnam and it is also well-connected with both.

Standard Vietnam travel itineraries, even those of just a week will always include both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Vietnam’s two most popular international airports are located in these two cities and it is of little consequence whether you start at Hanoi in the north or Ho Chi Minh City in the south. The longer the holiday, the more can be added of this fascinating country.

Here are some the standard Vietnam travel packages for you to consider with the starting point either of these two great cities:

•    With around a week to see Vietnam, it is not possible to see much other than the two main cities. Hanoi is today’s capital and it is a fascinating city. There are still traditional Vietnamese houses, plenty of temples and old French colonial architecture. While there are modern buildings as well, as soon as you leave the city boundaries you will be into rural countryside where villagers depend on agriculture for their survival. There is not a great deal of time in the North before a plane south to Ho Chi Minh City but the UNESCO World Heritage site, Halong Bay is just four hours east. The villages in the bay have houses on stilts where fishing is the main past time of the locals. There are over 2,000 islands in the Bay, and a coastline of 120 kilometres. A flight south goes to Ho Chi Minh City, the commercial hub of the Country. There are more modern skyscrapers in the City yet still the chance to enjoy local markets and street food. There will be time for a little time out into the region; perhaps the Cu Chi Tunnels which were used by the Vietcong during the Vietnam War? The Mekong is to the west and it is perfectly feasible to head there for a day on a short Vietnam tour package. This type of Vietnam holiday provides a flavour of the Country and often the desire to return to see more.

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•    If you add a couple of extra days to a trip to Vietnam, it will surely include everything already mentioned but of course a little more? Cu Chi and the Mekong will certainly be in the schedule, Hanoi and Halong as well but the centre of Vietnam is also very interesting. Hue was the ancient capital of the Nguyen Dynasty and Hoi An a major port during the Champa Kingdom many centuries earlier. They are both fairly close to Vietnam’s third city, Danang which has excellent travel connections with both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

If you don’t have to rush there are many other attractions that will add to the experience of travelling in Vietnam. There are two obvious things that a good Vietnam travel agency will advise visitors to include in their plans and will provide packages including them:

•    SaPa Terraces and the Northern Highlands towards the Chinese border not only offers a great natural environment and the chance to trek and explore, this is the home of many small hill tribes where life has changed little over generations. The Terraces where rice is grown provide a splash of green once the rice shoots come through the water until the change to golden at harvest time.

•    There are many great costal resorts in Central and South Vietnam. A popular inclusion in Vietnam travel packages is the island of Phu Quoc off the Cambodian Coast in the East Sea. Vietnam has many great beaches, many of which remain fairly quiet.

The experience of Vietnam cannot be entirely captured in photographs. Any tour is likely to be education and leave visitors with memories that cannot find their way into a photograph album:

•    The natural friendliness of the people is remarkable. Many are very poor, certainly in the rural areas, yet they are happy and welcoming. Whether it is the hill tribes or the fishermen, those travelling in Vietnam will certainly enjoy meeting Vietnamese people.

•    Vietnamese cuisine is starting to make inroads into countries far and wide. It uses fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, fish and soy sauce, shrimp paste, ginger and lemon grass, flavours that are increasingly popular with nationalities all over the world.

•    While organised Vietnam holiday packages make many arrangements in advance, and of course book all accommodation, there will be plenty of chance to mingle in urban areas and one of the real pleasures is street food. Vendors and the local markets are a real experience and the food is perfectly healthy; it is guaranteed to be fresh simply because of the turnover that a bust street vendor has.

Vietnam is expecting to welcome even more overseas visitors in the coming year. The standard tours will certainly be popular once again and those that can find up to three weeks to enjoy Vietnam are in for a real treat.

Note: Thanks to new Vietnam visa policy, last year there were 10 million tourists coming to visit Vietnam and 2012 expects a bigger growth. Vietnam is the new destination, why don't you travel now. All start with a click and Vivutravel is here to make your dream holiday an unforgettable experience.