Reasons for first time visitors to tour Vietnam

24, January, 2017

Reasons for first time visitors to tour Vietnam

Looking for an exciting new place to tour this coming summer? Are you thinking outside the box this year round when it comes to vacation destinations? If these are the questions swirling about in your head, then Vietnam is the place to be. Vietnam is the place to vacation, to take your mind off the mind-throbbing numbness that has set up shop in your mind throughout the year. Take a chance and relax on the sandy beaches, breathing in the fresh air and let the sound of the waves relax you to a level you have not experienced before. In this article, we will give you the reasons for first-time visitors to tour Vietnam. It does not matter where you have or have not been touring all your life. All that matters is that you will take the chance and appreciate the first time family tour to Vietnam. Vietnam travel is the mantra all the travel agencies near you will be singing. Make your first time Vietnam tour, a tour to remember this year. Go before the crowd and experience the wonder your concrete jungle could never give you.

Vietnam is an Asian country located in South-East Asia right off the East Sea. Vietnam harbours a quiet beauty that flows through its rivers into the South China Sea overlooking the sandy beaches. Much of interest is its simple flag entailing a golden star on a maroon background, with the five points on the star representing farmers, intellectuals, youth, workers, and soldiers. When asked about Vietnam, the first thought that comes to mind of most is the 20th Century war, hardships, and a cruel regime. On the map, the shape of Vietnam resembles a letter ‘s' and is located on the South East peninsula, known as Indochina. Vietnam borders Thailand and Cambodia to the South, China to the East and Laos to the North West.

Vietnam is not only exotic in all its geographical features, but also in the culture of its people. The Vietnamese culture is a colorful mixture of Chinese, French, Japanese and American colonial influences. This mixing of cultures also finds its way into the Vietnamese food, which will send your tongue into sensory overload each and every time you bite into that delectable meal. The 20th Century war that took place in Vietnam molded the country and its people to what we see today. The people of Vietnam are as strong as the ground they walk over and call home, they have an ever-growing go-get-it spirit that would uplift even the lowliest fellow there is.

One of the reasons for first-time visitors to tour Vietnam is to explore the wonders of its breathtaking beauty. From its snow-peaked mountains to its sandy beaches, off to the remote islands off the coast of the South China Sea, there are endless destinations to choose from. Why not take your first time Vietnam tour to the next level and tour it all, from the war museums to the floating markets. Get accustomed to the varieties of cultures that blend together to form the beautiful multicolored mosaic that is Vietnam. With so much to choose from, it is a wonder why tourists keep on coming back for more each year.

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Right from its location on the map, you can imagine the variety of natural scenic locations right here in Vietnam. From its sprawling, snow-capped mountains that bring forth the gushing, splashing rivers that flow down towards the East Sea. The great rivers weaving through numerous geographic obstacles such as waterfalls and rapids, weaving through the countryside silent streams of sparkling fresh water. Let's not forget the thick forests that house tropical birds and creatures of wonder. If you are passionate about nature and are looking for a place where you can appreciate the raw beauty of the environment, then make your first time Vietnam tour a tour to remember by heading straight to Vietnam to experience this. Tourists have the chance to experience the grand mountains that stretch out to terraced fields where villages lie. Head on towards the south to experience the wildness of nature in the various national parks available. Spend a dime or two at the nature reserves and have yourself a romantic night or to with your loved one to the serenade of the birds and the bees. Head on south and stand on the floating markets while buying a few souvenirs, while also having a bite or two of the juicy fruits and crisp vegetables available in the markets. Make your first-time family tour to Vietnam calm and relaxing, one that you will remember for years to come.

Have you waited all year to just lie by the beach and work on our tan? Or are you the adrenaline junkie just itching for the next adventure? Not to worry for those chasing the calm that is guaranteed here in Vietnam. Vietnam is blessed with over 3000 miles of clear coastline with countless breathtaking beaches and bays. Wondering what activities you can undertake while at your first time visit with your family?  

Feast your eyes at the Ha Long Bay towards the North of Vietnam. The Ha Long bay boasts spectacular pieces of art, with the rocks and water that paint magnificence on the natural canvas that is the ocean. Take scuba-diving lessons, or just swim in the warm tropical water with the fish. All along the coast are one-of-a-kind architecture works, and national museums that keep the past alive in the heart of the Vietnamese. Make your first-time visit to Vietnam an educational visit when you learn what the gracious and welcoming people of Vietnam had to go through to become the wholesome people they are today.  

Visit the fishing villages along the coastline of Vietnam. Learn their way of life and their sustaining activities that have brought the =m this far. Get on board a fishing boat and catch your first fish off the South China Sea. Nothing can beat the sense of accomplishment that catching your own dinner brings. Tired of sight-seeing from the safety of the earth's surface? Hop on board a plane and parachute down towards the beaches while appreciating the scenic quality of the Vietnamese shoreline. Brave the sea waters as you kite-surf the waves. There is no limit to what you can experience while in the Vietnamese waters.    

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For those who are not ready to get their hands dirty in the fishing villages, or screaming their hearts out while parachuting towards the beaches, the city is here for you. Check into one of the many luxurious hotels in the cities and treat yourself to the best service money can buy. For the first time visitors to Vietnam that have their whole lives in the backpacks on their backs, there are affordable family-run bed and breakfasts with pocket-friendly charges. Leave the stress of life behind and reign in the thrills Vietnam brings. Take a walk through the bustling cities and drive through the Hai Van Pass located right in central Vietnam. If you are lucky to be visiting Vietnam during the "love market" festival, you might just leave Vietnam with more than just fond memories. When you're all done with the excitement the city brings, give your body a treat and visit a marble temple of treatment that will leave your skin feeling as rejuvenating as the temple sounds.

As mentioned before, Vietnam is made up of a beautiful collage of colorful cultures comprising of Chinese, Japanese, French and American cultures. With this beautiful art framed within the borders of Vietnam, it is a wonder why their food tastes so good. What makes the Vietnamese food stand out high among its peers'? It is the subtle flavors combined with that rich, wild diversity that is Vietnam. Everybody takes advantage of the culturally-infused cuisine, from the stately cooking schools to the humble food vendor on that busy street. In all corners of this glorious country, the food tells a story. And as you travel from the North sipping Chinese inspired soup towards the south, you will be bombarded with such culinary overload, you will need a few sips of rice wine to cool you down.  

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The first thought that comes to mind when you think about the history of Vietnam is the war that ravaged the country in the mid-20th Century. Three decades of bitter wars have left the country rough along the edges. But it is in this rough diamond that the true brilliance of Vietnam shines from within. The war victims were buried in solitary graves that are now open to the public, and serve as a grim reminder of the consequences of our actions. These sights will leave you contemplative, and appreciate just how far the people of Vietnam have come.

The path towards the future of what is today is evident when you explore the Vietnamese environment. You just have to see the humble beginnings of the craft-inspired industries competing for space with the French-inspired buildings. Jump a few more years and the steel, concrete and glass skyscrapers shadow the beautiful French towers. This is just another example of just how culturally diverse Vietnam is. Such is not to be taken for granted. Much appreciation and awe will be bestowed upon you, your family and friends, and the stranger-just-turned-friend beside you. Nothing can beat the allure that is Vietnam.

When you think about the reasons for first-time visitors to tour Vietnam, it begs the question: What more can you ask for in a tour destination? It does not matter where you are while in Vietnam, be it the concrete cities or the magnificent mountains. Feast your eyes on the traditional stilt houses to the tube houses, French-inspired buildings to the modern metropolis. Take a trip into the wild during the autumn and smell the perfume-induced air around the Perfume River. Does this not make you want to travel with an empty bottle just to fill it with the water from the Perfume river and smell it when you are back in your home, just to make sure you were not day-dreaming. The Bin Chau hot springs can be the perfect place to experience natural sauna treatment.  Visit the national museum and see the embalmed body of the very first Vietnamese president, Ho Chi Minh.  Take part in the Tet Nguyen Dan festival that celebrated humanity, community, harmony and family.

You do not need a hundred and one reasons to visit Vietnam this season, to bring your family and friends and share with them what this inspiring country has to offer. What should make you hop on that plane straight to Vietnam is its people. I bet you are wondering what is in the Vietnamese that should drag you all the way down to the far East. It is in their attitude. Trust that with every Vietnamese you will find in your adventure down the mountains, through the forests, along the rivers, and beside the sea, they will instils in you the happy spirit. It does not matter who you are or what you are going through, just be happy. It is with this attitude that they made it through the trying times of war, and got together to build this country from the ashes into the sprawling metropolis that it is today; without compromising on the integrity of its culture. Vietnam travel should be on your to-do list this year if a first time Vietnam tour is not on your new year's resolution. Think about it when you are sipping the rice wine in a local village while watching the sunrise from behind the mountain tops. Remember this when you wake up to the monotonous routine of what your life can become. Take a break this year, and take our family on a first-time family tour to Vietnam. Remember that your life is simply to be enjoyed. Live with a smile on your face with Vietnam travel.

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