Vietnam tourism

02, February, 2017

Vietnam tourism

Famous for its charming wild nature and diverse culture, Vietnam is chosen as a favorite destination for tourists. Vietnam is a country known for its mouth watering foods, affectionate inhabitants, spectacular landscapes and a kaleidoscope of people. Tourists who come to Vietnam are mesmerized by the outrageously stunning nature Vietnam has to offer; from North to South, East to West, metropolis to mountainous areas. After massacre and devastation, Vietnam has risen beyond anyone’s wildest expectation. Self-confident and fast-developing, Vietnam has proven a nation, not a war, in the eyes of the universe. Its charm is simply worth appreciating. Vietnam has something for all sorts of tourists. Read more: Vietnam travel guide.

Vietnam is rural adventures; from watching its wonderful landscapes depicting fifty shades of green; gloomy landscapes, emerald rice fields and all shades of green mountain vegetation; the timeless quality of rural life with stilt houses and paddy fields is something out of this world; to experiencing the Vietnamese Rural rhythm of life as you join in on their festivals, meals and evening gossips.

Vietnam is an old town of explorations. Vietnam retains many of its old architecture and traditions which has rapidly faded in the frenzy of development in many parts in the world. With its well preserved colonial architecture, for architecture enthusiasts, a trip to Vietnam is worth taking. Vietnam brings out a compulsive present, with its gloomy past. It is a country with a long history and ancient traditions; with many significant attractions and old temples. Vietnam is a country of unique heritage.

Vietnam’s emerald waters and island will leave you simply impressed and you probably will not get enough of these. With many navigable rivers especially the Mekong River and its tributaries, tourists can take a boat ride as they watch the magnificent floating villages. You can take a ferry to the beautiful islands and after the tiresome fun filled trip one can reflect and lighten up their mood with a trip to the beach.

A taste of Vietnamese cuisine will leave you wanting more and more. Dine in on the simply prepared sea foods, or sweet, charcoal grilled everything, showered in herbs. Vietnam is famous for its wide range of exotic foods. Incredibly mild in its flavors and aroma and exceptional in the variety it offers, Vietnamese food is a fascinating draw to anyone who loves learning new foods to put on the plate; new flavors and anything food. Vietnamese food is intensely sweet-smelling and has its own Vietnamese sweetness, not found anywhere else

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Vietnam as a tourist destination
Vietnam delivers adventures. When you get to Vietnam you will quickly succumb to its natural charms of the landscapes and have a great admiration of the lovely inhabitants of this enigmatic kingdom. Vietnam offers great and unique adventure to its tourists. At Vietnam, you are confident to get experiences you never imagined would be in this world. Everywhere in Vietnam is a tourist destination. Vietnam slows down your pulse and awakens imagination with its exotic beauty, cultural nourishment and world class comfort with once- leprous  French villas being revived as fabulous and affordable – boutique hotels.

What to describe Vietnam? Simply eclectic Asia. Vietnam offers a variety to its tourists. It takes care of all your different taste and preferences. Adventure seekers can have something worth remembering in watching the slowly fading limestone pillars in the sea and rivers, in the jungle or on their tour to Cu Chi tunnel system, a vast underground tunnel used during the Vietnam War. Culture lovers can join in on the minority group’s festivals, dine in on their traditional meals or even learn the traditional ways of fishing and farming of the Vietnamese people.

Vietnam is also one of the most ethnically diverse countries in Southeast Asia, with inhabitants who are rich in knowledge about their countries. With Vietnam tour you can get guides with vast knowledge about Vietnam. Get to learn the country’s both inspiring and depressing history and admire the unbreakable spirit and infectious optimism of the Vietnamese people. Get to learn how the Vietnamese people have survived, being through hell and back, how they struggle through massacres, instability and poverty and how they have prevailed with infectious smiles on their faces.

Have a glimpse on the old temples and French architecture and appreciate the old architects as the buildings are matched by a few spots on this universe. They will surprise you with their sophistication.

The jungles in upcountry is something else, part of this tropical wilderness is home to several exotic wildlife and an opportunity for ecotourism adventures.  The mountain regions provides home for minority groups. You can savor their unique cuisines, take part in their festivals and learn more about these communities.

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The excitements and chills of Vietnam
Wish to get lots of stuff off your bucket list? With Vietnam tour package, you can do just that and a lot more you never included in your bucket list. Beyond its tumultuous past and exceptional heritage are aquamarine waterfalls, scenic trekking opportunities, bike trails, kayaking trips, river and sea cruises, outstanding natural beauty and so much more that is not found in any other part of the world except Vietnam.

Believe it or not, Vietnam still has cyclos. Riding on one is an adventure worth remembering long after you leave Vietnam. Get on a cyclo on your ride along streets of major cities in Vietnam and even towns and have a glimpse of the temples and old buildings. Get to see some of the scars of the American war and appreciate how far Vietnam has come as they slowly heal from the devastating past. Enjoy a bicycle or a motorbike ride in the upcountry and breathe in the fresh highland air blended with scents of it wild striking plants.

The coast is fringed by tropical islands with a few scattered fishing villages. Take a boat trip on the sea and cruise the islands of Halong Bay and the lovely Cham islands on your excursion. Sail south to the tranquil islands of Con Dao. Visit the French and American island prison in Con Son which is deeply moving and harrowing to see. Later take a walk along the stunning beach as you reflect and relax your mood watching the rich coral reef sea. Take a morning stroll in this town spectacular promenade with the ocean on one side and beautiful French colonial buildings on the other.

Hike the mountains with taking several trails while experiencing different adventures in each. Hike the rocky bays and the steep mountains in Vietnam and get to interact with its wildlife

Go round the towns, take strolls in their wide boulevards, visit the fascinating cultural sites and elegant architecture of French colonialism and explore galleries in different parts of the towns.  Savor the herb laden street foods and the amazing ca pha sua da or you can visit the restaurants; Hue imperial banquet fare, southern sizzling pancakes are just a few unique but tasty samples that Vietnam has to offer.

Discover the countries terrible past by visiting the jails where political rebels and criminals were herded together during the French colonial period. Visit the vast underground Cu Chi tunnels that were used by soldiers during Vietnam War and get contemplated by witnessing the solitary cemetery of thousands of war victims pushed to their death all evidence to Vietnam’s gloomy past.

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Vietnam tour    
Vietnam tours are coordinated by several companies and agencies in Vietnam. The teams ensure that you are taken care of during your stay in Vietnam and that you don’t have to spend your entire savings on your trip to Vietnam. They maintain good relationships with hotels to make sure that you receive top services at affordable prices.

You can take a Vietnam tour to its highlights. You will have the opportunity to explore the rich culture and history of Vietnam. This journey takes from north to south or from south to north of Vietnam and you will discover Hanoi’s colonial elegance, the world Heritage site of Halong Bay, Hoian’s serenity and the modern hustle and bustle of Saigon. This tour offers you cultural and historical insights to Vietnam of past and present. This tour is best for someone who has a free two weeks to spare touring Vietnam. Throughout the stay, comfort ability is ensured by the tour, meals are served and accommodation is also is guaranteed in a 3 or a 5 star hotel.

For architecture and art enthusiasts, Vietnam is your perfect destination. With its colonial architecture, and the vanishing appealing architecture of the old city of Hanoi, this is a trip worth taking. This is too scenic to miss. There is so much to Vietnam. It is a country with a long history and old temples. Get to see the scars left after the Vietnam War and see how Vietnam has risen beyond anyone’s wildest expectation. Be a witness to Vietnam’s self confidence and fast growth in architecture.

Culinary Vietnam tours are also available. Vietnam boasts of its unique foods. Take a Vietnam culinary tour and you’ll realize how few of its food are available in other parts of the world. Every region in Vietnam has unique fit to be eaten delights. In North of Vietnam, the cuisines closely resemble the Chinese cuisines. Travel to south and central Vietnam and discover the importance of black pepper in their meals and the equally vital pungent herbs including basil, mint, coriander and spring onions. Take part in Vietnam’s cooking classes and learn different Vietnamese cuisines and cutlery and utensil decoration the Vietnamese way.

Vietnam has several hidden places you where you can sample weird, mouth watering foods as you get to know your way around Vietnam cities. From noodle breakfast, to cocktails with a view you can make the most of your Vietnam tour. Walk your way through the town to restaurants that serve rustic and full of flavor Vietnamese food. You can spice up your life with a Vietnamese cooking class or go try French foods in the French-accented cities. Begin your evening with craft beer that uses local ingredients such as Dalat coffee or rambutan and lemon grass then later try the classy Southeast Asian flavours. There are plenty more Vietnam has to offer to foodies.

Students and scholars are not left out. A tour to Vietnam will offer them real life experience to what they have learnt in their different fields of study. Capture the spirit of wonderful Vietnam on a Vietnam educational tour. Watch the breath-taking French architecture in the cities and towns as you walk along the perfectly manicured wide boulevards and parks; sip with the locals and shop for antics and souvenirs from the Old Quarter; you can take a lovely day trip cruising the Mekong river or the Halong Bay as you watch the spectacular island; visit the Ho Chi Minh City a blend of ancient and modern architecture and culture

You can also take part in service work tours as part of your Vietnam tour. Service work tours are structured to improve participants’ character and make them learn more about the Vietnamese people. Participants combine their energy and enthusiasm for the betterment of the less fortunate in Vietnam.

Vietnam tour packages
Vietnam tour packages focuses on making the most of your trip to Vietnam which involves visiting the highlights of Vietnam and the country’s often overlooked and less known sights and experiences. We all have a dream vacation but making it happen always seems impossible and involving; searching for the best information, every detail and making the best choices. Vietnam tour packages plans and execute every detail of your trip based on your needs, travel style, timeframe, interest and budget of every member of your travel group with that, all you have to worry about is having more and more fun.

Worried about getting ripped off as you travel around Vietnam? You don’t have to. With Vietnam tour packages you are confident of getting cheaper means of transport that will ensure you get the best from your trip.