Let's go to Vietnam and Cambodia!

06, February, 2017

Let's go to Vietnam and Cambodia!

Humor me for a moment. Imagine you and a couple of your friends have been saving up for the holiday of your lives. It does not just have to be a group of friends, your whole family can do. You have been saving up the best you could, and are ready to take on this holiday with a bang! Within the budget, of course! We cannot forget about the budget, what with the standards of living these days. Sometimes you just need to rewind. Oh, where were we again? Oh, yes, your budgeted vacation. Okay. Now comes the shocker. Imagine you and your group of crazy friends, or your family in tow, can live it up in style and still come back home without a massive dent in your bank account. Where is this place, you ask, where you can experience a heaven on earth? In Vietnam and Cambodia of course! Come on, do we really have to sit down and choose when you can enjoy a customized tour to Vietnam and Cambodia? I am talking about a customized holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia during a family tour to Vietnam and Cambodia.

During your Vietnam and Cambodia tour or family tour to Vietnam and Cambodia, you can visit exotic places, dance on the streets eating the tastiest local dishes, bask in the powdery beaches as you stare into the turquoise water. Done with relaxing and want to kick in some adrenaline to take it all the way? Entertain yourself and paraglide across the beach, take a hike through the jungles and find lost temples. Get in touch with your spiritual side and go on a pilgrimage, and discover the new meaning of life. These are just a few examples I could conjure up in my mind on a heartbeat. What follows are detailed examples of the best sites to visit, in both Vietnam and Cambodia.

This is a South-Eastern Asian country filled with plains housing endless rice paddies, numerous mountains with thick jungles, and sandy beaches off the Gulf of Thailand. The country went through a hellish struggle in the 1970’s during the reign of the Khmer Empire. The people of a Cambodia have, since then, picked themselves up and shaken the dust from their clothes. They have become the most genuine, hardworking people that you see today, who welcome visitors with open arms and always have a smile on their faces. Below are the must-see sights in Cambodia.

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This destination is also known as the ‘city temple’, and within it stands the largest temple in all of Cambodia. It is no secret that Angkor Wat is Cambodia’s national symbol, and much rightfully so when you witness the magnificence and sheer beauty of it all. The Angkor Wat was built in the first half of the 12th Century during the turf between Thailand and Cambodia. In all its sheer glory and vastness, Angkor Wat attracts hundreds of visitors each year. This year during you customized tour to Cambodia, you and your group of family and friends can experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This was, once upon a time, the capital of the Khmer Empire, and is decorated with hundreds of sculptures and elaborate buildings that will put the Vatican City to shame…to some extent. Within Koh Kier, you will find a giant Garuda, which is a half man half bird mythical creature. Let’s hope for some peaceful nights to come after your children lay their eyes on this mythical creature. Also in Koh Kier exists a Prasat Thom, which is a really tall pyramid temple rising above the treetops in the jungle. Koh Kier still has much to offer seeing as the town is so remote. This is a blessing in disguise as your group of friends and you get to backpack through the jungle and discover other lost temples on your own. This is definitely something you did not think about putting in your bucket-list.

Vietnam is a beautiful South-East Asian country that is geographically shaped like a letter ‘S’. It boasts magnificent mountains in the north, including lush jungles. Towards the south lies the great sandy beaches and pristine blue waters of the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Vietnam is a must-visit country during your customized holiday to Vietnam.

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Being the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is the best place to understand the country and people. Hanoi has many historical and cutural sites to visit as well as mouth-watering street foods around the charming old quarter. From Hanoi, tourists can easily continue their Vietnam holiday to Sapa to see amazing rice terraces, natural world heritage of Halong bay or experience a night in homestay with ethnic minority in Mai Chau valley.

The highlight of all holidays to Vietnam, Halong bay offers relaxing overnight cruise to explore more than 1000 islets with amazing caves. A trip to Vietnam comsiders incomplete without a visit to this beautiful sight - Halong bay. Words can not tell enough about the beauty of Halong bay so just come and see with your eyes.

Hue is ancient capital of Vietnam, having royal citadel, royal tombs and many nice temples and pagodas to visit. However, if you have seen Angkor, let's skip Hue to stay longer in the ancient town of Hoi An - The best destination in Asia where you can relax at a nice beach resort, cycle around the ancient streets or to picturesque countryside. For shpping fans, Hoi An is paradise.

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Nha Trang is one of the world’s most beautiful and popular seaside resort city. This goes a long way with Nha Trang being located at the scenic bay that stretches off the coast of South of Vietnam. Along its beaches, with sand that feels so soft and warm as your feet sink into it, and crystal blue waters that tickle your toes as you walk by the shore, it is a heaven on earth. When you close your eyes and breathe in the salty air, all your troubles will be washed away and for a moment, you might even forget your name. The only thing that will be ringing in your mind, and that of your family or group of friends, is that you have finally felt peace. It will be the best-customized tour to Vietnam you will ever have.

This destination brings a lot to the plate of its visitors. From rice paddies to floating markets, fruit orchards and sugarcane groves, with so much to do, you will end up staying a couple of days longer at the Mekong Delta. It is the agricultural heaven of Vietnam and will have your family and friends exploring various culinary delights within the area. The culture embraced in Vietnam is very colorful in nature, having Japanese, French, Chinese and American cultures all mixed into one. With such variety comes arty and scrumptious displays that will give your taste-buds a tour to remember. This is possible for you and your family during the customized holiday to Vietnam.

After reading all these exotic destinations and painting this wondrous experience in your mind, why have half the experience when you can have it all? You do not have to choose. Experience the Vietnam and Cambodia tour and let the people of Vietnam and Cambodia change your life. During your customized holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia, the loving and hardworking spirit of the people in these two nations will live within you for the rest of your life. It does not matter how many times you have a family tour to Vietnam and Cambodia, each time will be just as blissfully rewarding as the one before. Visit Vietnam and Cambodia today.