Vietnam traffic

09, February, 2017

Vietnam traffic

Vietnam travel
Vietnam is old town exploration. Astonishingly exotic and utterly compelling, Vietnam is a country of incredible natural beauty and exclusive heritage. Its allure is easy to appreciate. Its rural adventures and the emerald waters and islands leave you happy. The trips are designed by Vietnam travel specialists with their years of personal experience. Vietnam tour packages focus on interacting with nature and culture acquisition. You can spend as many days as you wish to explore the best of Vietnam. Tourists coming to Vietnam are awed by the enchanting beauty that this country has to offer

Vietnam is one of those few countries that still use older means of transport and also modern means of transport to move its people from place to place. A variety of means of transport are available in Vietnam from walking, trekking, bicycles and motor bikes to cars, aircrafts and trains. There are so many means of transport that you can use to get around Vietnam. You can choose any that suits your budget and the experience you want

Means of transport in Vietnam.
Taxis, found in major cities in Vietnam are very low-priced by international standards and are a safe way to travel around at night. They are the most comfortable way of getting around major cities and it is easy and safe to flag down a taxi anywhere, anytime. There are also dodgy taxi drivers who charge foreigners more, therefore it is recommended to travel with highly regarded or recommended Taxi companies in the cities. Mai Linh and Vinasun Taxi companies have excellent reputation. You can also use help from hotels to book a safe and cheaper taxi.  If you have an Uber app, it works just fine in Vietnam.  This is safer and easy to trust because there is no way you can get ripped off.

Vietnam has a large number of rivers that are party navigable especially the Mekong river and its tributaries. Lovely day trips on rivers in Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, Hue, Tam Coc and many more rivers are possible by boat. You can cruise the Mekong River, you will also need to relax on the beach and get to understand the country’s often overlooked and less known sights and experiences. Boat trips are not impossible in the sea. Cruise along the Halong Bay on a boat trip and sail among the floating villages, grottos and vanishing limestone pillars; get to the spectacular Cham islands in central Vietnam or the south islands off Nha Trang. There is a lot more out of this world experience that you can get by using boats. Also scheduled ferries sail year round but depend on weather conditions to these wonderful Vietnam islands.

Xe Om is a motorbike taxi which you can use to get around Vietnam’s cities and towns easily as long as you are not travelling with too many luggages. Xe Om drivers are mostly found hanging around markets, outside of hotels, bus stations and around street corners.  Xe Om are everywhere in Vietnam;from the North to South, from East to West, from mountainous areas to cities. You can join the fleet of vehicles in the streets or take a deep breath clean air, with blend of scents from highland vegetation on the serene highlands from the back of the Xe Om. This feeling is an exceptionally exciting experience to remember. Xe Om have replaced the cyclos, which are classic Vietnamese mode of transport. These are three wheeled rickshaws that comprise of a seat attached to the front of a bicycle and carries one person or two people. The cyclos are still there and you can have a ride in them and just feel it. it is worth trying since Vietnam is one of the few countries that still uses cyclos.

cyclo ride around hanoi old quarter

Want to see Vietnam on a saddle? There are several companies that offer specialist cycling tours. This mode of transport which has rapidly disappeared from other parts of the world is cheaper and environmentally friendly. Environment freaks, have something that will make them happy! They are a great way to get to know the hidden corners of cities in Vietnam, mostly when you get off the main highways. Bikes can be carried as luggage on trains and can be used in the countryside to ride along the gentle landscapes of the countryside.  Roads in hilly areas are not in good condition and travelers are usually advised to rent or buy a motorbike. Also when it all gets too much, or you want to hop between towns you can put it on a train and travel to your next destination. It is that convenient.  Vietnam has lots of places that you can ride a bicycle regardless of the terrain and it gets fun filled when on the beach or when riding along scenic routes and streets.

There are so many organized bike tours to mountainous regions and the countryside. Nevertheless it is recommended for the cyclists to avoid riding along busy roads or in cities where you can breathe in contaminated air. Travel agencies and hotels are there to assist you when it comes to renting bicycles.

Few travelers opt to use buses due to communication issues and the cheapness of taxis, motorbikes and Xe Om. But you can have what you want, it is not impossible to negotiate on the fare charged go get your hands on a map and enjoy your journey with the affectionate inhabitants of Vietnam. Vietnam has an extensive network of buses that can reach the furthest ends of the country. You can hop into one and travel with the local people. You will admire the affection of the inhabitants on this enigmatic kingdom. Many routes have tickets with fixed prices therefore travelers should not worry about getting overcharged.  Open- tour buses along major tourist trails are also available.

Off the main roads, vehicles are less salubrious and therefore trains which are more comfortable than vehicles are used. Given the amazing prices and regular services of the open-tour buses, few travelers prefer buses to trains. But there is a lot more to enjoy in the train as well. You are guaranteed to watch the luscious landscape of Vietnam as it changes its shades of green like a chameleon. You can perhaps get to join in on the feasts that some of the locals bring on board.

Domestic flight networks are improving overtime and its cheaper more comfortable services can save you days’ worth of travel by road or rail. They can save you precious hours or even days for you to even enjoy more Vietnam has to offer.

Vietnam is one of the few countries that still widely use motorbikes.  Riding one is fun in Vietnam. If you are not brave enough to ride by yourself, you can always hire someone. This is an experience that you should try. For the great bikers, a motorbike adventure to the mountainous areas is something you will remember long after you leave Vietnam.

vietnam motorcycling tour

Trekking and walking.
Famous for its wildly beautiful nature and diverse culture, Vietnam is chosen as a favorite trekking destination by many tourists. This mode of travelling needs preparation incase of weather changes; high temperatures or rain. This is to ensure that you enjoy your trip to the fullest. You may need more than you can imagine carrying in your back pack. But it is all worth it. Travel agencies are there to guide you on what to carry depending on the routes you are taking or the areas you are touring. It is also advisable to trek in groups especially when crossing rivers, streams or in dangerous parts of the country.

The most popular trekking types in Vietnam are jungle trekking, mountain hiking, countryside hitch-hiking, and walking and ramble adventures. Several places are considered best trekking spots in Vietnam you can visit the Sapa town and get to hike the Mt Fansipan of Lao Cai, the highest peak of Vietnam or interact with the minority groups of Hmong, Dao, Giay , Pho, Lu and Tay that reside in Sapa. You can take a walk in Pu Luong reserve and be mesmerized by the stupendous splendor, cultural interest and high biodiversity value with rich forest, limestone panoramas and beautiful sceneries. Everywhere in Vietnam has something for everyone.

You can take a stroll in the boulevards of District One in Saigon to relax and get away from the sporadically growing Saigon and other cities. Have a different feel. It incorporates wide tree line boulevards and frequent parks. Nearby is a building designed by the famous Gustave Eiffel, pop inside and you will see great hand painted maps depicting Saigon in 1892.

Walking has a different feel in every place in Vietnam. Walking in Vietnam is both fun and tricky. Walking along the streets of ancient towns is the best way of experiencing local life; from street foods to ancient architecture. In countryside walking is out of harm's way and pleasant while in the highland regions walking is a calming activity.

Vietnam traffic.
Vietnam has sort of been caught up with the fast growing population of its inhabitants who move to town in search of a better living or employment. There is also rapid increase in use of cars and deterioration of roads caused by poor planning and the way pedestrians and motorists react to the congestion when trying to avoid or get through it. Like any other human being, one is bound to get impatient. You can witness motorists riding on the pavements rather than waiting, or hooting to hasten the drivers in front, and it may get worse as they may resort shouting at them.

The war in Vietnam and the bombing had a massive influence on the transport infrastructure as many road and railway networks were destroyed. Traffic jams in Vietnam are only common in the busy cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.  Its busy narrow roads were simply not built for overtaking. The Vietnamese people seem so used to the traffic congestion that they miss it when they travel to other places. The traffic has no specific time when they can happen but  they get worse during rush hours when everyone is rushing to get to work on time or when going back home.

Apart from the rush hours, traffic congestion is also worse between nine and ten in the morning and between three and four in the evening with long lines of vehicles, mainly motorbikes, thrashing about to get out of the narrow already jam-packed streets in the cities. During rainy seasons, as in many cities in the world, the traffic congestion is horrible as other roads or streets become impassible due to flooding. It is also hard to flag down cabs during heavy down pour. Those who use bikes are lucky during traffic congestion as they may use narrow routes between buildings or they can easily carry their bikes and weave their way through cluttered matrixes.

Though still rough on the edges, you can say that transport network in Vietnam is improving and gradually healing from the scars of the past. Most travels take place on the roads and the vehicles themselves are in good condition to ensure comfort and safety to its travelers. In other parts of the country, traffic and transportation is quite hassle free

vietnam travel

Vietnam Travel packages.
Vietnam travel packages focus on interaction with nature and culture acquisition. Vietnam travel plans and executes every detail of your trip based on your needs, travel style, timeframe, interest and budget of every member of your travel group so that you have the experience of a lifetime, rather than just a trip.

For many travelers, one of the most annoying aspects of travelling in Vietnam is the thought of being ripped off.  With Vietnam travel packages you are a confident to be charged normally or even cheaply. Vietnam travel packages go a step further in making your trip to Vietnam simply amazing and all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself. You can plan your trip function and Vietnam travel packages can give you different websites that you can use to compare train, plane and bus travel between cities in Vietnam. You don’t have to be stranded somewhere or charged insanely.