Types of Accommodation in Vietnam

16, February, 2017

Types of Accommodation in Vietnam

A stay in the old to modern accommodation on the Vietnam travel packages can provide an authentic experience that is certain to be remembered. The ability to grade the local accommodation (hotels, mini-hotel, guesthouse, etc.) in Vietnam isn’t a simple process with such a range of choices available. Plus, the hotels or guesthouses can be quite flexible and cover all bases with a varied range of rooms, from a basic room limited to cold water and a fan to the more pleasant rooms with a mini-bar and fridge, satellite TV and air-conditioning. In general, the newer place is certain to have the most all-round appeal with better value in relation to hygiene, comfort, amenities and price.

There are plenty of resorts appearing in the country which aren’t quite the same as the western’s all-inclusive complex. Most of Vietnam’s resorts are beach or countryside located hotels with a well-maintained landscaped garden. Typically the rate includes the cost of the room and breakfast.

When travelling on the Vietnam tours you are likely to find yourself booking a room in a:

The most budget-friendly accommodation in Vietnam is the hostel or a bed in a dormitory, with dedicated hostels found in major cities like Hue, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Any travellers on the holiday to Vietnam using the hostels can expect to pay approx $5 per night with shared facilities. Plus, many of these hostels have private rooms, but the cost is quite high compared to staying in a similar sized room in a small hotel or guesthouse.

Also, Ho Chi Minh City (De Tham enclave) and Hanoi (the Old Quarter) have a few budget priced guesthouses with backpacker dorms.

For the travellers interested in a little more privacy, a stay in a hotel or guesthouse with a simple fan for cooling can start at approx $10 per night. But, with slightly better furnishings, satellite TV and air-con, and you should expect the cost to double. A higher standard of room with more space, a better-standard of fittings, a balcony, a bathtub and a fridge can see the costing increasing to about $25+ per night.

accommodation in hanoi

Mid and upper range
For the travellers on the tours of Vietnam that want to relax in the quite rosy surroundings, the cost is likely to be $30 or more per night. The rooms of this standard are well appointed and reasonably spacious and include amenities like satellite TV, phone, fridge, hot water and air-con. Travellers booking a mid-range hotel can expect to pay in the region of $30–$75. This type of accommodation is likely to include room service, booking office, bar, in-house restaurant, etc.

At the top-end of the market, there are plenty of luxurious international-class hotels and resorts that stretch the length of the country, such as the Sofitel Metropole in Hanoi, Vinpearl Nha Trang and Park Hyaat in Saigon. For the travellers that aren’t on the main tourist trail, there are still one or two high-end hotels or resorts in the major cities, though there isn’t likely to be much in the way of luxury in the countryside.

A great way to get familiar with the local way of life and experience the most authentic trip is to stay in a homestay. By staying in the village accommodation, it is possible to get fully exposed to local customs, cuisine, a new language, and make friends with your hosts.

With more of the minority communities becoming involved with tourism, the opportunity to stay in a traditional stilt house or similar is becoming more and more feasible. Some of the favoured places to experience the homestay on the travel to Vietnam are in Sapa and around the Mai Chau Valley in the north of the country. Tours for this type of stay are easily organized with the local tour operators in Hanoi. Other choices for a stilt house home-stay include Kon Tum in the central highlands of Vietnam.

This type of stay is communal with a room that consists of several mattresses and may also include a mosquito net and blankets. But, it is advisable to travel with your own sleeping bag and net when staying in a homestay, which is especially important when staying in the winter months when the mountainous air gets pretty cold.

Prices to stay in the local minority villages vary from about $5-$15 per person, per night. The cost varies with the location and weather a meal is included. Most of the homestays have a flat charge for sleeping accommodation and an extra fee charged for meals.

homestay in vietnam

A farmstay is perfect for travellers on the tours of Vietnam that wish to stay in a rural area away from the mainstream tourism districts. This is the type of accommodation that has unspoiled scenery and gives warm hospitality in the countryside. Most of the farmstays in Vietnam are relatively compact in size with space for 10 or so twin or double rooms, and perhaps a large dormitory type area for the more relaxing and intimate stay. Relax in the complete comfort of the rooms that are surrounded with landscaped gardens or fields, or even visit the local village for the most authentic travel experience.

A further great feature of the farmstay is the ability to organise daily excursions for guests, while also including great amenities such as satellite TV, Wi-Fi, an in ground pool and a full size pool table.

The price to stay in a farmstay in a remote region like Phong Nha costs in the region of $40 per night for a double room, which can give wonderful views of rice paddies. Also, for the larger parties of 4-6 people, the cost is about $85 per night.

Overnight boat
A night spent aboard a traditional junk boat is certain to give a very unique experience on a visit to the mystical scenery of Halong Bay. For a two or three night stay, the price is in the region of $158 to $331 and varies with the type of amenities and services provided. A traditional junk can include a fully staffed crew, sun tanning area, a bar and dining room, en-suite bathroom and hot and cold running water.