Vietnam's Tropical Islands to Visit

27, February, 2017

Vietnam's Tropical Islands to Visit

With more than 3400 km of coastline and a tropical climate, Vietnam is rich in beautiful tropical islands and beaches that make perfect places of discovery and relaxation. The tropical climate in Vietnam has two seasons: the dry season and rainy season, and the dry season (February until July) are the preferred time to visit the islands.

While Vietnam has plenty of tropical islands, they aren’t exactly within island-hopping destination unlike the islands in neighbouring Cambodia, where most are within a short distance of each other. So, with less opportunity to hop from island to island it helps to learn more about the best tropical islands for the most pleasing travel experience.

Here are a few of Vietnam’s tropical islands:

Phu Quoc Island
Located in Kien Giang province, the southern island of Phu Quoc is the biggest in Vietnam and a must-visit destination on a tour of the country. This island is famous for its tropical jungles and beautiful white sandy beaches, which includes some of the most romantic and beautiful in Vietnam, including Cream beach (Bai Kem), Star beach (Bai Sao) and Long beach (Bai Dai). This paradise destination has an island-style atmosphere, romantic sunsets, idyllic beaches and aquamarine water. Beyond the lazy relaxing on the beach, tourists have several activities to try like snorkelling and scuba diving, as well as trekking through the national park (Phu Quoc National Park), cycling, fishing villages and pepper plantations.

With nearly 50% of the island reserved for the national park, this is a great destination for those travelling in Vietnam that is interested in unspoiled nature and a beach vacation. Phu Quoc Island continues to gain attention, but is still a worthwhile trip to experience and relax with the unspoiled and raw nature.

Con Dao Islands
The Con Dao Islands are located off the southern coast of Vietnam and appreciated for their natural beauty, sandy beaches and clear turquoise sea. The local area has the Con Dao National Park, which is a significant natural reserve in the country, and rich in fauna and flora species, thick forest and a varied range of colourful fish in the coral reefs adjacent to the islands. Plus, the wildlife is quite fascinating with a variety of sea turtles, dolphins, and dugongs that are rarely seen elsewhere in Vietnam. This is a great destination on the Vietnam travel for those seeking unexploited natural beauty.

The waters around the Con Dao Islands are perfect for diving, while it is also possible to swim amongst the untouched and impressive coral. Plus, there is the chance to witness marine wildlife such as tropical reef fish, turtles, rays, and bamboo sharks. Also, a visit to Con Son Island gives an opportunity to see historic sites such as he US and French era prison complexes that have long since been abandoned.

con dao islands

Phu Quy islands
Phu Quy is a relatively small island with beautiful beaches, a fresh climate, and sapphire-coloured water, and inhabited by about 20,000 people. It is surrounded by several small islands to make up the Phu Quy district. This tropical paradise is a destination that is highly appealing to both foreign and domestic visitors. The locals are very hospitable and friendly. For the visitors to Phu Quy, it is possible to try the local and fresh specialty dishes, such as cellana, emperor crabs, holothurian, sea bass, lobster and cuttlefish. An overnight stay on the island is easily enjoyed by pitching camp and offers a great place to visit on the Vietnam holiday for those interested in natural beauty and a region that hasn’t yet been blighted by over development.

Phu Quy is an island district of Binh Thuan province and approx 110 km from Phan Thiet. The quickest option to reach the islands is by speed boat with a journey time of approx 3 hours while a more traditional ship takes up to 6 hours. With its natural conditions and geographic position, this island region is great for the tourists wishing to relax on the beautiful beaches and wonder at the stunning surroundings, such as the coral reefs and diversified flora.

Ly Son islands
The Ly Son islands (also referred to as “Cu lao Re”) are blessed with beautiful white sandy beaches, blue water, mountains and ancient temples. Plus, there are plenty of marine inhabitants to see. It is located approx 120 km from Hoi An and 133 km away from Da Nang, and is reached by travelling by boat from Sa Ky port in Quang Ngai. Ly Son is a relatively compact area and spans a total of 10 sq km. The best way to explore the island is by motorbike which makes it possible to travel the island in about half a day.

Ly Son has a quite diverse ecosystem that attracts the tourists to its splendid lakes and rivers, imposing waterfalls and mysterious caves. In addition to the impressive mountains, there are several great beaches to visit to completely relax on while on the Vietnam holiday, which are rich in colourful corals, peddles and rocks. A visit to the Ly Son Island is perfect for the traveller in search of the opportunity to relax in a place of peaceful and magnificent scenery.

ly son island

Nam Du Islands archipelago
The Nam Du archipelago consists of 21 islands that are located approx 80 km from Kien Giang Province on Vietnam’s southern coast. This little known archipelago is easily reached by boat with travel time in the region of 2 hours by speed boat, while a standard boat can take up to 5 hours. For the travellers on the Vietnam holiday that don’t experience seasickness, a visit to Nam Du is certain to be worth the time and effort. This wonderful part of Vietnam is a must-see destination for the tourists seeking the tropical beach that is relatively free of crowds. Even though there is plenty of sea, sun, sand and fresh seafood to enjoy, there are otherwise few other conveniences available. A great way to experience Nam Du is to book a boat trip that explores the entire archipelago region with its beautiful rocky beaches.

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