9 Top Places for Cycling In Vietnam

09, March, 2017

9 Top Places for Cycling In Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that is appreciated for its wide-ranging nature that varies from the enormous mountains, mesmerizing beaches, a 3400 km stretch of coastline and vast rice paddies. Plus, there is a great network of trails and roads that make it possible for the tourist on the Vietnam travel packages to easily explore the central and off-the-beaten-track destinations.

Here are a few of the best places for cycling in Vietnam:

Ba Be National Park
Located in the north of Vietnam, Ba Be Lake and national park is surrounded by a stunning landscape of towering limestone mountains, lakes, caves, waterfalls, dense forests and deep valleys. Plus, this national park is rich in hundreds of wildlife species and plant species. Cyclists exploring the area are likely to encounter the local ethnic minority people (Mong, Dao and Tay), as well as scenes of stilt homes. Beyond cycling around the national park, other activities include a boat cruise on the lake, a jungle trek, or staying the night in a local homestay.

Sapa is a mountainous region of north-western Vietnam and the cycling tour gives perfect views of the surrounding mountains and rice paddy fields. By travelling along the biking dirt roads, tourists on the Vietnam tours will soon be climbing to a higher altitude to see a complete change in nature, while also getting to see the local ethnic minority people.

cycling in sapa

Cat Ba National Park
Cat Ba Island is easily reached from Hai Phong city by boat with the travel time in the region of 60 minutes. This island is the largest in Halong Bay and spans a total area of 354 sq km, and makes a great place to relax and unwind, or cycle around the park. A cycling tour of Cat Ba National Park gives a perfect opportunity to see a varied collection of plants and animals with several that are unique to Vietnam. Other attractions to see while cycling on Cat Ba include the stunning valleys, mountains, caves, waterfalls and hidden beaches.

Cham Island
Cham Island is a biosphere reserve located approx 16 km offshore from Hoi An. This island has beautiful landscapes and seascapes and is recognized as a World biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Beyond its popularity as a snorkelling and diving site, there are also plenty of ways to enjoy a cycling trip on this island. Cycling trips can go inland to visit a few of the local fishing villages, or stay on the outside to see both the green forest and seascape.

Hoi An
The historic and graceful city of Hoi An is certain to be worth a consideration for the those travelling in Vietnam and seeking a relaxing cycling trip. This type of easy cycling tour makes it possible to explore the rural areas while also experiencing the Vietnamese rural lifestyles and landscapes. Bamboo houses, water buffalo and rice paddies are just a few of the iconic images that are seen in this delightful region of the country. Also, Hoi An old town is perfect for walking and casual cycling with motorised traffic restricted for most parts.

cycling in hoi an

Hai Van Pass
One of the more exciting and challenging tours for the experienced cyclist is the Hai Van Pass, which makes up part of the Truong Son mountain range. There is an 11 km climb to reach the top of the pass and with a 7% gradient for the climb it is certain to quite difficult. Travelling this stretch of road is very peaceful and gives spectacular aerial views of the surrounding mountains. The picturesque views (sharp cliffs on one side and green mountains on the other) have put the Hai Van Pass among the top-rated cycling coastlines in SE Asia. Cycling the Hai Van Pass gives a perfect opportunity to enjoy a day on the Vietnam travel that is away from the noise and congestion of the city.

Dalat is located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam on the Langbian Plateau and a former French colonial retreat. Even though Dalat is a favoured for honeymoons, it can also make a worthwhile place to visit for the mountain bike enthusiasts. There are a few great places to cycle such as the forest trails to reach places like the Valley of Love and Victory Lake. Plus, the terrain can vary significantly with uphill and downhill rides, technical sections; single track passes, and on reaching the top there is stunning views of mountains, forests and fields. Other attractions while cycling through the central highlands of Dalat include the waterfalls and local hill tribe people.

Mekong Delta
The Mekong Delta in the south of Vietnam spreads with tributaries and tentacles in every direction to create a very fertile landscape that is well-known for producing fruits, vegetables and rice. Cycling through small irrigation canals, orchards and rice paddies on the Vietnam tour packages makes it possible to witness the more unique side of the country. By travelling from one small riverside town to the next it is possible to experience the close up and authentic cycling tour that really highlights the life on the river. Cyclers get to see a variety of colourful floating fruits and green on the rivers, as well as rice paddies that extend into the horizon.

cycling in mekong delta

Cat Tien National Park
The Cat Tien National Park is approx 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City and located in the south of the country. This protected area of natural beauty spans 72,000 hectares and rich in lowland tropical rainforest to create a perfect destination for wildlife-spotting and mountain biking. It is home to a variety of recreational trails, botanical gardens and centuries-old trees. The Cat Tien National Park has a diverse range of wildlife, including 125 species of freshwater fish, 120 amphibian and reptile species, 350 species of birds and 105 mammal species. A half-day cycling tour through the dense forest of the park makes it possible to not only catch a sight of the amazing wildlife, but also to appreciate the fresh air and picturesque views. Other attractions likely to be encountered includes the nearly crocodile swamps.