Things need to know about Vietnam and Cambodia tour

04, April, 2017

Things need to know about Vietnam and Cambodia tour

As you know, Vietnam and Cambodia are the neighbor countries, so it is very easy for tourists to travel to these beautiful countries. In both countries, tourists will have a great chance to discover the natural beauty and amazing cultures also different custom of many ethnic groups. However, before traveling to these countries, we would like to give you the important travel tips for both countries as following:

Plan for traveling:
Before you have an idea for traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia, you should have a clear plan, this is the most important to know where you will travel to and help local tour operator to suggest you the best itinerary and you also can setup your works.

Besides, you also should check the weather in both countries because they have the different climate in each destination.

Furthermore, you should define which kind of activities you would like to have on your trip. Normally, the most highlight of Vietnam & Cambodia tour consisting of: Hanoi capital city, Halong bay, Hoian ancient town,Ho Chi Minh city, Mekong Delta, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and if you have more time, you will end of your trip by some relaxing day on the beach such Phu Quoc island, Mui Ne beach in Vietnam or Sihanouk villas in Cambodia.

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Accommodation you should know:
Accommodation in Vietnam and Cambodia are very various such as homestay, hotel, and resort. It will depend on your budget and destination you want to stay. The popular accommodation in Vietnam is 3-star hotels, more than haft of them have the swimming pool and very good service, so it is suitable for clients who would like to stay in mixing 3 & 4-star. The price is very reasonable and flexible. Especially this mixing 3,4 hotels are very suitable for family vacation with kids which they can stay in the Family room or connecting room.

If you are young travelers, mixing homestay, hostel dorm and 3-star will be the best. However, it has a small limited that you just find the homestay in the mountainous areas and Mekong River Delta.

For luxury clients who want to stay in 4,5-star hotels & resort, you can find in the main cities or in the popular tourist destinations

Which items you should bring to your holiday:
Of course, to travel to the other countries, you need bring the necessary things such as luggage, visa, passport, devices, cash, credit card, personal drugs, camera, notebook, mobile phone, etc…

American dollars are widely accepted in both Cambodia and Vietnam or you also can change from US dollars to current money.

Where can you apply for a visa to Vietnam and Cambodia, you may think you can apply it in the current embassy at your country. However, this is not needed, because you can apply for a visa on arrival or apply for a visa online with easy steps.

When traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia, the most important thing you should remember is reaching the weather to know to bring the suitable clothes. For example, if you travel to the Northern Vietnam in December, you must bring the warm clothes, but you also have to know that there is no winter in Cambodia.

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Transportation in Vietnam and Cambodia:
Transportation between tourist destinations: Because you do not have much time travel around the country, so you open to choose the plane or train for your moving. The popular airline between Vietnam and Cambodia are Vietnam airlines and Cambodia Angkor Air. Besides, with internal destinations, you can choose night train or cheap airlines (note that the cheap airlines are not available for all of the routes) so the best choice, if you choose plane for internal route is still Vietnam airlines in Vietnam and Angkor Air in Cambodia.

Moving in the main cities with the short distance: You can choose taxi, bus or book the private transfer from the travel agent.

With above travel tips for Vietnam and Cambodia, we really hope that you will have more useful information to more understanding about Vietnam and Cambodia, and this information will help you to prepare your trip to our beautiful countries.