Top 10 things to do in a Indochina tour

05, April, 2017

Top 10 things to do in a Indochina tour

Top 10 things to do on your Indochina Tour
Food, temples, floating markets, and sunrise Hot air balloon experiences await you!

When it comes to booking your holiday, you will want to make the most of the precious time you have. If you have chosen to travel to a beautiful and exotic destination like Indochina; the country is yours for the taking and is there waiting for you to be discovered!

Attracting more tourists than ever, Indochina is part of the mainland and consists of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, with Myanmar, Thailand and Burma sitting in South East Asia.

Each country and district offer amazing and exciting opportunities to visit sights only recently discovered by tourists.

We have made your travel throughout Indochina easier and given you our recommended Top 10 things to do in the wonderful and diverse Indochina.

You will always be greeted with a warm and friendly welcome in Vietnam and the country has a 2000 mile coastline which offers perfect white, sandy beaches, tropical rainforests and vibrant cities.

Vietnam cuisine is wholesome, fresh and healthy. The country is known for its rice paddies and tropical fruit and vegetables. A diet consisting predominately of fish and rice complimented with fragrant spices, it is easy to see why people love Vietnamese cuisine.

1. Nestled in North Vietnam, the city of Hanoi will offer you a taste bud tingling opportunity to indulge in traditional food. Take in one of the street food tours and you will be greeted with traditional dishes, cooked by local street food vendors. Tuck into 'Pho' or choose one of the many rice noodle dishes. It is easy to see why a Hanoi street food tour is one of our Top 10 things to do in Vietnam.

2. Halong Bay has to be seen to be believed. A bay offering views of over 3000 tiny islands, all whittled and beaten by the weather of 1000's years and now give you breathtaking views. A cruise on a traditional junk will see you take in secret lagoons, swim in crystal blue waters and tuck into local beer and traditional food. Halong Bay is the most photographed destinations in Asia. Watch the sunset on this magical bay and appreciate thousands of years of natural evolution.

Traditional junk boats are Chinese in origin and were thought to be in use as far back as the 2nd century AD. The term Junk actually covers a huge range of sailing vessels in Asia but you will often be greeted with majestic, beautiful boats with large traditional Chinese designed sails. Junk boats are an impressive sight and a tour aboard a junk is a must.

halong tour

3. Time to get trekking. Sapa is a tourist destination for the views it offers across the lush, green valleys. Formerly a French hill station in the early 1900's, it has grown to become a 'must see' attraction. Sapa offers the chance to trek through bamboo forests and subtropical climates. Wondrous wildlife and plantation await your exploration. Your Indochina tour package would not be complete without the breathtaking views from Sapa; rice paddies, mountains, and hill tribe minorities all await to be discovered.

Vietnam countryside is so diverse, often the best way to appreciate its beauty is on foot. Many Indochina tours will offer the chance to trek through forests and discover waterfalls, rice paddies, and hidden tribal villages.

4. UNESCO world heritage site; Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is situated in North Central Vietnam. Formed nearly 400 million years ago, immense caves, underground rivers, and mountains form part of the breathtaking backdrop of the national park. The Phong Nha cave measures an impressive 7700 meters long, contains over 14 grottoes and hosts a 14000-meter river. A site not to be missed, take a boat tour into the belly of the cave and feel part of history and time.

Vietnam is graced with many UNESCO world heritage sites. All offering a unique and fabulous insight into ancient times. Destinations are given this award when they are of historic importance and need to be preserved. In Indochina alone, there are 12 UNESCO world heritage sites.

5. A unique way to appreciate agriculture is a visit to an organic farming family. From the pretty town of Hanoi in Vietnam, you will be able to spend time with an organic farming family. Learn how farmers work their land and enjoy a basket boat trip with a local fisherman.

Indochina's cultural and farming is an incredibly important part of the Asian economy. Rice, coffee, and sugarcane are a huge part of the exports to leave the country. Local people still own and run their own farms and manage their own land; their crops will be sold at local markets and will sustain the family.

farming tour in hoi an

6. Cu Chi Tunnels are an incredible network of underground tunnels covering a large area. Located near Ho Chi Minh city, they played an important part in Vietnams war history. You can walk the vast network, living and breathe how soldiers would have only 50 years ago. A worthwhile and educational visit for your Indochina tour.

Learning about a country can often mean delving into the darker side of history. Vietnam has a chequered past, with war and disruption playing a sad but key part of its recent history. There are many places to visit where you can take the time to see what local people had to endure, many of which are still around to tell their stories.

7. Cai Rang floating market will bring color, noise, life and vibrancy to your very eyes. A charming river town with colorful fruit, vegetables, and traditional crafts will give you plenty of chance to shop. Breathe in the atmosphere, marvel at the number of people and boats and learn all about traditional life on the river.

Life on the water plays an integral part of Indochina local life. The Mekong Delta river is home to thousands of villagers who call this immense river network their home. A busy river network where shopping, schools, farming and family life is an everyday occurrence. Colour, vibrancy and a glimpse into river life is something to be marveled over on your Indochina adventure.

8. Siem Reap presents you with a history like no other place on earth. A place which hides away the vast array of temples known as Angkor Wat. Jump aboard a tuk-tuk and be transported to a time of a thousand years ago. Angkor Wat is the world's largest religious temple and offers you a chance to stroll amongst ruins and towers where emperors and explorers have walked before you. A simply wonderful place not to be missed on your Indochina tour.

Cambodia is known for its flat lying plains, impressive mountains and superbly huge ancient temples and long forgotten cities. A country offering a culture very different to its neighbors.

angkor temple

9. Luang Prabang is an ancient town in North Laos; designated a UNESCO world heritage site, many people flock to view its beautiful streets and the mountainous backdrop. The perfect time to visit is when the Buddhist Alms giving ceremony is taking part. At sunrise watch, locals give rice alms to the spectacularly traditionally dressed Buddhist monks. Take part in the ceremony and feel part of local tradition.

Laos is often referred to as Asia's hippest location. A backpackers paradise, offering tribal villages and a part of Asia yet to be discovered by tourists. Laos is home to a number of UNESCO world heritage sites; nestled away amongst its rolling hills and plenty of chance to explore.

10.  What better way to see a country with such a diverse countryside than by a hot air balloon ride in Bagan. Rise early and greet the sunset and views across ancient cities, temples and stunning mountains. The mystical early morning fog will give you a sense of what it would have been like thousands of years ago. Experienced pilots will take you across lands where time has stood still.

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is home to bustling markets, parks, spectacular lakes and over 100 different ethnic groups. A country offering insight into cultures and customs unique to this part of Asia. The countryside is breathtaking.

All of these amazing experiences can be arranged through a Vietnam tour operator. A tour operator will help you organize all of your transportation, accommodation and the unique and off the beaten track tours too. Travel through Indochina will offer you an amazing experience in some of the world's most beautiful destinations.

Indochina and Asia are waiting to be discovered, what are you waiting for?

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