9 Tips to Save On an Indochina Holiday

10, April, 2017

9 Tips to Save On an Indochina Holiday

Savvy travellers know the Indochina trip doesn’t need to be expensive. With the ability to plan wisely and shop for value, there are plenty of opportunities to save on an Indochina adventure. A quality tour at an affordable budget that includes the right attractions in Indochina is certain to give the truly memorable occasions.

Here are nine tips to save on an Indochina holiday:

The cost of airfares – international and domestic – are constantly changing, so it makes sense to carefully research the different airline carriers to see who is offering the best possible deal. There are certain times when the flights are cheapest. It is usually best to avoid booking a flight at the weekend because this is a busy travel time and can push the prices up.

Travellers may wish to look at booking a flight from Wednesday to Friday to get the most competitive prices. Also, travelling off season can increase the opportunity to find the cheapest time slots.

Try to use the same airport when booking the flights. It is often more cost-effective to fly in and out of the country using the same airport.

Travel in the off-season
A simple, yet effective way to save on the Indochina tour packages is to travel in the off-season. By visiting the sights in Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia at the start or end of the off-season can significantly help to cut back on the total travel costs. Plus, the travellers that are willing to experience the Indochina trip out of season will have a more stress-free and tranquil experience with a lot less tourist foot traffic.

In Vietnam, the off-season can run from May to September. Although Vietnam is still a pleasant country to visit year-round provided you are prepared for the high temperatures or rainy season. Laos is another country that is easily visited on the Indochina travel at any time of the year. Laos has a tropical monsoon climate with two unique seasons: dry and rainy. The dry season runs from December to April with the rainy season lasting from May to November with temperatures in the region of 15 to 30° C.

Book mini tours
A holiday is easily split into mini tours to increase the ability to save money as well as travel to the most interesting destinations. A one-day tour organized through a Vietnam travel agency is a great way to see the top highlights while in a particular city. Also, the mini tours with an English-speaking guide make the entire travel experience that much more informative and entertaining. Shop around different tour agents and companies to see who is offering the most competitive deals. Make sure to fully establish what is included in the price – is transport, drink, food, etc. included. The different trips can have huge variations in the type of tour and price. Visit a few agencies, guesthouses and hotels to see the different tours and go with what gives the most attractive options.

cambodia tour packages

For the travellers that aren’t in too much of a rush to get between destinations, the local public transport is the cheapest form of transport compared to taxis. The long distance bus service is particularly cheap, but isn’t the most comfortable. However, the overnight bus service does have the ability to save on a night’s accommodation in a local hotel or guesthouse.

On arrival in a major town or city in one of the beautiful Indochina countries, there are plenty of opportunities to hire a bicycle, motorbike, or take a relaxing walk. This makes it easy to explore the local city or countryside and take pictures of the stunning scenery.

Eat local foods
The street food scene throughout Indochina is filled with delicious and incredibly cheap food. For the most authentic travel experience, the street stalls should be the top place to eat and taste the varied range of local dishes. A traditional Vietnamese dish like Pho (rice noodle broth) can cost as little as $1-$2, while a rice dish attracts a similar price. Beyond, the street food there is plenty of low-cost and high-end restaurants that serve the popular dishes at very reasonable prices.

Also, there are plenty of places to eat on the Indochina travel that serve the western dishes, but this food is in the main more expensive than the local cuisine.

hanoi street food

Buying Souvenirs
For travellers that plan to buy souvenirs for friends or family members at home, there is often a chance to bargain or haggle in the street markets or similar places while on the tour to Cambodia and Vietnam. The markets are the best for bargain-basement activity, while the hawkers at attractions or “tourist supermarkets” are less likely to give the discount with fixed places in place by most merchants.

Many of the Indochina tourist hotspots are based on the natural and stunning local scenery to make a very affordable day of sightseeing. Self exploring is extremely cheap and more cost-effective than booking an organized tour. Even hiring a bike for the day to get around is extremely cheap and costs as little as $1 a day in a place like Hoi An. Local bus services are very affordable and easily get you between towns and cities – but the journey isn’t likely to be the most comfortable. A lot of the major cities are easily walkable and have free places to visit such as museums and temples.

Booking in advance
Booking in advance can have plenty of advantages. For instance, there are several guesthouses and hostels that offer a free pick up service from the train or bus station to save on taxi fares. Also, there are the travel agents that may even offer an early bird promotion to give nice savings and bonuses on a future holiday. Promotion deals can include a certain amount of the tour price or even complimentary tickets for dinners or shows.

Booking the lodgings tactically can help to save when travelling on the Indochina tour. For instance, there are plenty of guesthouses that charge on a per room basis and not for each guest.

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