8 Benefits of Indochina Tours

17, April, 2017

8 Benefits of Indochina Tours

Indochina Holidays that take in the top attractions of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia give a unique travel experience with plenty of local gems to see and things to do.

Vietnam is wonderful to explore and packed with adventure. Walk through the narrow streets of Old Hanoi, cruise the jungle-clad islands in Halong Bay, admire the lanterns in the evening in Hoi An, and visit the back streets of Ho Chi Minh City. But, for the travellers that have a great thirst for adventure, a trip that also include Laos and Cambodia can take events to a whole new level. Every country that forms Indochina has its own distinct and unique mood, they all offer staggering scenery, delightfully tasty cuisine, and welcoming locals. The Indochina tour is certain to create a dream holiday.

Here are a few of the benefits of multi-country tours:

Discover the similarities and contrasts
The Indochina holiday is a perfect travel option for the culturally inquisitive. Touring multiple countries gives the opportunity to experience the unique sights, food and culture of each country. The most popular tours of Indochina organized by the Vietnam travel agent include the most memorable sites in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

A grand tour of Indochina is easily tailored to match the needs. A single holiday can include a cruise on a traditional junk boat on Halong Bay on day 5, giving alms to monks in Luang Prabang on day 10, and exploring the magnificent temples of Angkor on day 13.

Close proximity of the SE Asia countries
The close proximity of the Indochina countries makes it really easy to combine them for the most memorable travel experience. It is possible to travel to several countries within a relatively short trip. A popular multi-country tour includes the highlights of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Travel between the different countries is quite quick by air, while also possible by land (but will require the much longer holiday). For instance, a flight from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Phnom Penh, Cambodia is less than one hour.

halong bay tour

Experience the different styles of travel
From a train adventure, river cruise or overland journey, there are plenty of travel options to incorporate in the itinerary when moving from one country to another.

Vietnam is easily explored by road with hop-on-hop-off bus services that travel the length of the country. Air is the fastest way to get around in Vietnam with plenty of domestic airlines offering affordable travel options.

A great way to travel in Cambodia is by boat with the roads not the best in the region. Boat traffic is regular in Cambodia with a ferry departing to most locations at least once daily. Train travel is possible, but can be very slow travelling from places like Phnom Penh to Battambang. Boat travel is also great in Laos. A fast boat skids across the surface of the water at a rapid rate of knots to give a quite thrilling ride.

Learn about the different nationalities
An Indochina travel package that explores the sights and sound of the different countries really makes it possible to get first-hand knowledge of local history, customs and food. Travelling with an English-speaking guide gives the benefit of learning local knowledge of the most interesting things that take place in their homeland. A multi-country tour that passes through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia can include a variety of amazing stories that are certain to surprise the travellers.

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Cost effective region to travel
A multi-country tour to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is pretty good value for money. By sticking to the tourist oriented transport and staying in the affordable hotels or guesthouses, it is relatively inexpensive to travel mainland Southeast Asia. A typical Indochina travel budget is in the region of $20-40 per day. Pricing in Cambodia can be cheap, but there are some high prices for tourist attractions, such as the entrance pass to Angkor, which can cost $37 to $72 for single to multi-day tours. Airfare and boat trips are more expensive and likely to drain the funds quickly.

Warm and pleasant climate throughout Indochina
Travellers planning a visit to Indochina are certain to be met with a warm and pleasant climate throughout the tour of the region. The climate in Vietnam in high northern areas can get a little cold in the winter months, while the central coastal regions can get very wet. In Cambodia, the climate is normally very hot, but it may benefit to limit travel in May-July when the temperature can really increase. A tour of the country later in the year may be more preferable. In Laos travel becomes more difficult in the wet season, especially by road from north to south. But, the high rivers will give a more pleasant boat excursion at this time of year.

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Visas for Indochina are easily organized
The visa application process for entry to the Indochina countries is relatively straightforward and intended to be traveller friendly. Visas are easily organized in advance or on arrival. Also, not all citizens travelling to Vietnam are required to obtain a visa for the short-term stay (15 days or less) with a Vietnam visa exemption arrangement in place.

Logistical expertise
Planning a holiday that incorporates the highlights of multiple countries in 10-14 days can be quite stressful. You need to think about things like travel, border crossing, accommodation, logistics, visas, etc. But, a multi-country tour organized by a travel agent has the expertise and ability to take the stress out of planning a SE Asia tour. A well-organized Indochina tour will leave the traveller overwhelmed with the diverse culture and scenery of the region, not troubled by border crossings and paperwork.

A Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia classic tour includes the complete highlights of the different regions of SE Asia. This type of holiday is a great option for the first-time travellers to the region that want to get a real taste of what is available in this fascinating part of  the world. Tours to the region are easily tailored to match the specific needs, so whether the tourist in completely new to Southeast Asia or been before; a dream holiday is easily organized with the know-how of a local Vietnam travel company.

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