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20, April, 2017

Travel Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Packages And All That You Want To Know
Vietnam is one of the fascinating travel destinations in Southeast Asia, lying on the banks of the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. Tourism is a thriving business in Vietnam, and you can find many domestic and international tour operators offering various types of Vietnam packages suitable for every type of tourists.  

Aggressive tourism promotions by the Vietnam government and tourism facilities that can cater the requirements of every traveler have boosted the tourism traffic in multi-fold terms, and Vietnam witnessed a quantum jump in tourism influx. On an average about 8 million tourists have been visiting Vietnam per year, which is a phenomenal figure.

The core attractions included in Vietnam Travel:
Vietnam will be an incomplete affair if you skip the picturesque locations and those historical wonders. There are quite a lot of things that can mesmerize every moment of your stay in Vietnam. To make your trip a pleasant experience, you should consider selecting your tour operator, with ample experience in the profession, who know the pulse of Vietnam.  

Visiting all over Vietnam may take months. However, experienced tour operator as, Vivutravel can offer you package tours, and tailor made tours that can meet your requirements and match your budget. Established in 2006, Vivutravel has established their presence in the Vietnam tourism industry as a reliable tour operator.

It would be ideal to select the location, matching to your journey purpose. For example, if you are planning for a honeymoon trip, you can choose such location that can simmer you into the beauty of love, where you get lost with your lover, which will be an ever-memorable experience in your life. Similarly, you can find out location that meets every expectation, mood and attitude what you want to experience.  

You can make your leisure journey becoming real by a Vietnam Travel Plan. Not an exaggeration, visiting the Pagoda, heritage locations, war memorials, the massive mausoleum of the great leader Ho Chi Minh, the Cu Chi war tunnels, pristine beaches, fantastic nightlife experience, lavish promenades and much more will be a cherishing experience.  

There are many tour options you can select, out of which some of the best-featured tour plans available with Vivutravel are a tailor-made holiday tour program that allows you to celebrate the colorful festivals mingling along with local folks.  Apart from these, you can have classic tours, budget tours, honeymoon tours, exotic destination tours, family tours, heritage tour, and mountain to sea tours, country tour, culinary tours and much more.

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Vietnam Visa on arrival:
Traveling to Vietnam is a hassle free experience.  Most of the foreign country tourist can enjoy visa-on-arrival service. You do not have to submit/send your original passport for visa stamping. The Vivutravel can process arrival visa, online. Once the on arrival visa permit issued by the authority the tourist can straight away fly down to Noi Bai International Airport, Tan Son Nhat International Airport or Da Nang International Airport.  Arrival visa approval will cost you only US$ 8 per person, and the stamping fee at the airport will cost you another US$ 25 - 45 per person.

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Different Vietnam Travel Packages
Package tours priced economically and you will find it is very convenient. The package covers all your accommodation, food and sightseeing arrangements. Hence it would be very much comfortable, especially if you are traveling with your family or a group of friends. There are many Vietnam Travel packages you can choose from, such as choose the days, 7 days, 15 days, 16 days package tours and much more.

Types of Vietnam Tour Packages
Options to select the tour plans make Vietnam Travel an exhilarating experience. You can enjoy every bit of holiday when you choose it from your favorite choice. Choose a classic tour or family tour package to make your Vietnam travel a pleasant experience. Else, go for luxury tour package if you wish your travel with more comfort. Likewise, if you are a newly married couple, just choose the Vietnam honeymoon vacations. Suppose, you are an adventure enthusiast, and you can pick Vietnam adventure tours. Similarly, go for Vietnam budget tours if you strictly wish to adhere to your budgets.

Apart from the above-referred tour plans, it will be a memorable experience if you can choose Sapa classic tours, Vietnam photography tours. Tour segments such as Hanoi tours, Vietnam motorcycle and bicycle tours, Vietnam beach break tours, etc., are also would invariably ignite your passion for exploring the unknown factors of Vietnam. Vivutravel also offers clubbed tours that include some of the exotic location of Thailand, Indonesia, etc.  All package tours are inclusive of inboard and outboard journey, accommodation and food. The company shall be providing experienced English speaking tour guides.  

Vietnam Classic Tours
Plan your Vietnam Travel by a Classic Tour package, where you can two packages one starting from Ho Chi Minh and other from Hanoi, both lasting for 8 days. The Ho Chi Minh package includes visiting Ho Chi Minh City until Mekong Delta and from Cu Chi Tunnels until Ha Noi and further to Ha Long Bay.

In the second package, the destination covers Cao Dai Temple & Cu Chi tunnels, Cai Be floating market, Can Tho, Cai Rang floating market, Hanoi city tour, Halong Bay, Street food tour, and further Hanoi departure.

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Vietnam Family Tours
Vietnam family tours are one of the prestigious tour programs by Vivutravel to meet the aspirations of people who want to visit Vietnam along with their family. It comprises of 15 days tour package, and your trip starts from Ho Chi Minh to MeKong, then from Nha Trang to Hoi An, and from there you will travel to Hue. Your journey will continue to Hanoi and then finally to Halong Cruise.

Vietnam Honeymoon
Vietnam Honeymoon tour is usually a 16 days tour starting from Hanoi. You will be leaving from Hanoi and reach Halong, by enjoying cycle riding and water puppet show, then move on an overnight cruise in Halong Bay. From Bay, it reaches to Hoi An. Further, you will travel to Nha Trang till Ho Chi Minh, then from Mekong Delta till Phu Quoc. The trip will be a unique option for honeymoon tour and never forget to add in your Vietnam Travel itinerary especially if you are newly married.

Vietnam Photography Tour
Vietnam Photography Tour is a 7 days trip from Hanoi, targeting tourists who are interested in photography. It reaches to Tho Ha Ceramic Village and further stops at Cao Thon Incense Village. Then from this village, you will be taken to the Sapa and stay at Halong Bay. The different activities include shopping in the morning market, walk to the old quarters, then visit the traditional handicraft, finally do trekking in Sapa and move back to Halong Bay. Roll your camera for great shots, where you can capture the beautiful moment of your travel experience, and an undiluted experience blended with nature.

Sapa Classic Tours
The 4 day Sapa Classic Tours will let you explore the tropical deciduous to evergreen landscapes. You can just trek to a very pleasant valley. The tour includes visiting the colorful market, visiting various hill tribes. From Hanoi, you will have to move by train to Sapa or Lao Cai, then do trekking at this locality and move back to Hanoi.  

Vietnam Adventure Tour Packages
Adventure tours are the jewel on the Vietnam Travel packages. You tour operator Vivutravel, have exotic adventure tour packages that you can choose as per your budget and leisure planning. The Vietnam adventure tour packages include 5 days Northeast Loop Tour, which cover Hanoi to Ba Be, and from there to Cao Bang and from there you will be taken to Bac Son. Alternatively, you can opt for a bigger adventure package, 13 days Northeast Loop Tour. In this package, you will have Lang Son and Halong Bay as an addition. The package includes trekking, cycling, elephant riding, exploring through the wildlife, and experiencing the flora-fauna suitable for all fitness level.

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How can you reach to Vietnam?
Vietnam has excellent international travel access, and tourist can easily reach by Air, Sea and land routes.  Almost all the leading airlines offer their flight services for the inward and outward journey. Below are few of the different ways to reach the Vietnam.

By Rail    
Tourist can travel by train to Vietnam from the mainland China. The Hanoi to Beijing train runs twice weekly, starts from Nanning and reaches Hanoi Gia Lam Railway Station covering a distance of 396 kilometers. Boarding the train required valid Vietnam visa.  Vietnam has excellent internal rail network services.

By Road
Vietnam has well-connected road network services. International tourists can cross to Vietnam from Cambodia and Laos.  Passengers must have valid Vietnam visa.

By Air
Air travel is one of the easiest ways to reach Vietnam. Vietnam has three international airports namely, Noi Bai (Ha Noi) the capital airport, Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh City) Airport and Da Nang, the Central Vietnam airport. All these airports well connected with international destinations.  You can get special Vietnam Travel Package rates from Vietnam National Carrier, regional airlines, and international airlines companies.

Things to know and do in Vietnam
It is imperative to know what you can do and what you should not do while visiting a foreign country.  Every country must be having its own cultural heritages, traditions, and value and they expect the tourist to respect those values. Generally, Vietnam people are very friendly, easy going and fun loving. The following are some valuable tips what you can see, and how you can enjoy and make your visit a memorable event in your life.

Admire and adopt Pagodas Style
The most admiring thing about Vietnam is the distinctive architecture works you can find on the pagodas. The pagodas reflect the Buddhist cultural influences in oriental style, unlike that you can see in Indian and Sri Lankan Buddhist temples. The pagodas resemble close characteristics of Chinese architectural influence fused beautifully with Vietnam culture.  The pagodas look like a tomb-like structure with multiple eves, is an evolved formation of a stupa (tomb) generally seen in many parts of India.  You can see many pagodas spread over Vietnam, and Vietnamese consider it as their rich cultural reminiscences. Pagodas as part of temple culture and hence have a lot of importance in Vietnamese everyday life.  While planning your Vietnam Travel, do not forget to include visiting pagodas in your wish lit.

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Walk around Hanoi
Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, artfully combines French colonialism with the Eastern influences. You can enjoy visiting this place and further walk around the wide streets of the Old Quarter or just visit many temples and galleries created around this great city. One of the must-visit places is the History Museum. This museum highlights the artifacts of the history of Vietnam and the Ho Chi Minh City Mausoleum; commemorate the great national leader named after Ho Chi Minh. You can even keep Hanoi, as a prime base for making multi-day tours to Halong Bay, as well as the Hua Lu and Tam Coc. Leave your travel requirements with Vivutravel and sit back.  The experienced travel executives can prepare a tailor-made itinerary for you.  

How can you reach to Hanoi?
To reach Hanoi, you can travel from the nearby Gia Lam station by train. If you wish to travel by bus, go from Ho Chi Minh City. To visit Hanoi via flight, you have to reach Noi Boi International Airport and from there, get a taxi to reach Hanoi.

Do hiking in Halong Bay
You can find more numbers of islands within the emerald green waters of Halong Bay, a very popular tourist destination known for scenic ocean karst topography, which always find its place in Vietnam Travel plans. You can move to the ‘Cat Ba Island’, which has been an excellent place for hiking. There are some other tourist destinations, such as the cave tours, etc., which you can include with the Halong Bay tour. Sung Sot Cave, otherwise called as Surprise Cave is one of the spectacular cave tour locations. You can reach this place via boating, but you need to find a good operator.

How can you reach to Halong Bay?
Ha Long Bay is 170 Km east of Hanoi.  You can reach here from three different locations, from Hanoi, Haiphong, and Nanning of China. If you are traveling from Hanoi, you will have 3 different modes of transport, road, rail, or sea plane. People who are going from Haiphong can reach here by road transport. Tourists coming from China can get down at Gia Lam or can board on daily bus service operating from Nanning to Ha Long. Vivutravel can offer you all the required assistance for your inbound and outbound journeys.

It is the best place for trekking. Tourists can bring with them the essential gears for trekking. The best time to trek at Sapa is from September until November, and further from the month of March until the May month. The climate will be pleasant during these months and a perfect time for the trekkers. There is nothing much to visit at this place, but you can enjoy trekking and do shopping at the market area.

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Tam Coc
The place has most spectacular views of the paddy fields and one of the inevitable Vietnam Travel destinations. Other than paddy fields, Tam Coc is most popular for the caves and landscape, as well as the waterways. Tourists can enjoy the large lime rock formations, which give a fantastic view of nature, take photography, and experience the unforgettable moments.

Wander in Hoi An
Hoi An is one of the very famous tourist destinations, wrapped with historic buildings and cafes. It is a small place, which is a great location for cozy walking, as well as to buy fashionable suits (tailor market), good for eating, enjoy at the pristine beaches by viewing the spectacular beach scenes, or have a relaxing time by the riverside.

Reach to Hoi An
Reaching to Hoi Ann is very easy. If you wish to travel to Hoi An, you need to stop by Da Nang, and from there catch local transport service. For air travelers, it is better to grab a flight to Da Nang's new international airport. Suppose, if you travel by bus, then you need to go via Nguyen Tat Thanh (Le Hong Phong).  Your tour operator Vivutravel can organize your Vietnam Travel plan meticulously.

Explore Ho Chi Minh City
Saigon, christened as Ho Chi Minh City, after the great freedom fighter Ho Chi Minh is the largest city you should not miss to visit at least once in your lifetime. Similar to other cities in the Vietnam, you will be able to find several motorbike taxies speeding through the colonial streets. Tourists can throng to the Ben Thanh market, which is famous for fantastic food and abuzz with activities. One can also spend the whole night at the ‘Common Room Project,’ for a wonderful hostel experience.

Give a Visit to Mekong Delta
The Mekong Delta is long and interconnected with waterways and divides three Vietnamese provinces, which you cannot rusticate from the Vietnam Travel Plan. You can find small craft villages and many Khmer Pagodas, the mangroves, as well as the orchards; even the traditional trademark “floating markets” take you to the seventh cloud of wonders. The scenic beauty is unique and beyond your expectations. Taking boat or bike tour will be another way to experience the pulse of Delta life; you will never wish to forget in your life.

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Involve in Adventurous Activities in Dalat
Dalat is part of the Central Highlands and is a hot destination for tourists who wish to have some adventure and fun. The picturesque location is famous for engaging activities and beautiful location for visitors who want to relax in the mountainous plateau. On the backdrop of the hill, you can engage in different type sports activities.  You can find many hills sprouted around the city of Dalat occupied by the tribal villages. Apart from the village, you will have a lot more place to visit such as Palace I, II and III. Tour programmer Vivutravel can help you to chart out a suitable adventure plan matching to your body fitness.

Engage in fishing and other activities in Mui Ne
Regardless of other events like wind and kite surfing, you can also for fishing. The place is very famous for the fishing activities. You can even stroll over sand dunes and experience the thrill. Apart from these, you can walk to the romantic beaches and rest under the shades of the coconut trees planted serially at the beaches. It is a great scenic view to watch the beaches where water glow in orange color when the sun sets. It is the best place for couples to have a nice time. Even, you can find serene locations for a beautiful photo shoot.  

Perform Diving in Nha Trang
Do not forget to include Nha Trang on your Vietnam Travel itinerary. This region has plenty of seaside resorts, which gives an urban feeling. However, the amazing colorful sand and the crystal clear water make the ‘Nha Trang,’ the best spot for scuba diving.  If you are a water sports lover, try diving at this place, which is an exclusive location for diving. Tourists will have a great fun by taking mud baths, or can move to Disneyland to have an excellent time.

Phu Quoc Islands
Phu Quoc Islands is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam, located very close to Cambodia. The island is popular for its sterling beauty, pristine beach, flora-fauna. Phu Quoc has all the facilities to perform fantastic scuba diving as well as snorkeling. A variety of leisure activities such as fishing, bird watching, trekking, make your time easy in the islands.

How can you reach to Phu Quoc?
The access point to reach the city is Ho Chi Minh City or from Cambodia. Air, sea and land routes are well connected.

Being a most friendly community, and rich hospitality culture, Vietnam has emerged as a most favorable tourist destination in the world.  Most of the tour packages offered by Vivutravel are economical, meeting the budget requirement of every type of travelers. Luxury accommodation, exotic food, incredible nightlife, ample recreation facilities, leisure and entertainment activities make you enjoy every bit of your time in Vietnam.  Well-connected infrastructures, air, sea and road travel facilities, modern communication means, and quality lifestyle make it a compelling, unique destination, blessed with natural beauty leaves unforgettable experiences.

Contact your most desirable travel partner, Vivutravel for a tour package that is appealing to your requirements or ask for a tailor-made tour package.