The best places to visit with your family in Vietnam

17, June, 2017

The best places to visit with your family in Vietnam

The best places to visit with your family in Vietnam
Excitement, adventures & new experiences await

Visiting any country for the first time can be daunting, especially when you only have a short amount of time to explore and discover all of its secrets.

Vietnam is a country begging to be explored and it can offer you an amazing range of adventures and memorable experiences. When you have waited all year to take your family vacation you want to feel reassured your vacation choice will keep everyone happy.

Family holidays are a time for you all to spend valuable time together and explore a new country. Choosing to take a family tour through Vietnam will give you so many chances to create happy and adventure packed memories.

You can spend hours at home searching for the top things to see and visit, but we have saved you time by putting together the best destinations and attractions you and your family can experience on your Vietnam holiday.

All you need to do is sit back relax and worry about packing!

On your Vietnam family tour, beaches, vibrant cities, and temples beyond your imagination await to be explored and discovered.

family tour with kids in vietnam

Discover City Life – Explore Ho Chi Minh City
No visit to Vietnam would be complete without a visit to Ho Chi Minh City; known as Saigon.

This spectacular colourful city is packed full of vibrant markets, impressive French inspired architecture and lots of opportunities for family adventures.

Take a scooter tour around the city and find all of the secrets from street level. Your tour operator will be able to organise this exhilarating tour where you will find temples, tuck into street food and be able to immerse yourself into city life.

A cyclo tour will offer a more gentle and 'eco-friendly' way of seeing the city. Take a seat on the adapted seat in the front of a bicycle and from your bird's eye view of the city you will be able to experience sights, smells or visit some of the many museums Saigon has to offer.

Your family will fall in love with hustle and bustle of such a diverse and exciting city.

vietnam family tour in ho chi minh city

Discover River Life –  The Mekong Delta
Did you know the Mekong Delta is the 11th largest River in the world?

It majestically winds its way through Vietnam, giving you plenty of opportunities to jump on its path and explore river life. Your family will simply love traveling the Mekong Delta and explore river life.

Your Vietnam tour operator can organise the perfect river tour for you. Experience the river on a traditional boat steered by a local tradesman who will show you all the secrets the Mekong has to offer.

Visit one of the many floating markets where you can buy local crafts and indulge in traditional food. Watch locals preparing traditional food and even take part in a cookery class and learn the secrets of Vietnamese food.

The Mekong Delta can offer a world of adventures and experiences you will want to include on your family vacation.

vietnam family tour in mekong delta

Discover Diverse Vietnam Life – Tradition in Hanoi the capital of Vietnam
Hanoi is the energetic capital city of Vietnam. A city flecked with markets, small traditional winding streets and friendly locals. The family will just love this diverse, modern yet traditional city.

The Municipal Water Puppet Theatre near Hoan Kiem Lake will give you chance to watch one of the water puppet performances. It's a spectacular display of beautifully painted puppets who playfully and peacefully perform a local play to music.

When you need to cool down and relax, Hanoi Water Park is definitely worth a visit. Not only is the park great for kids of all ages, but when you climb to the top of the slides you will have a perfectly wonderful view of all the rice paddies surrounding the city.

Hanoi itself is full of bustling street markets, selling an array of fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat and is a site to behold for everyone. Street food offers you plenty of opportunities to try traditional Vietnamese food, your family will simply love seeing and tasting new and wonderful foods.

A diverse city with an adventure for everyone to discover.

vietnam family tour in hanoi

Experience Traditional Food Life – Hoi An the magical city of food
An ancient city which is easy to walk around, it's streets hold thousands of years of history waiting to be discovered, you will be able to walk amongst ancient temples and ornate buildings. It's a city offering ancient culture and friendly people.

A city often described as 'magical' due to its incredible food, happy people, and serene surroundings.

When it comes to traditional food, Hoi An is full of fabulous places for the family to eat.

You can choose from European or traditional Vietnamese restaurants offering amazing freshly cooked dishes or you can walk around the many street food stalls and tuck into traditional food with the locals.

Sip locally grown coffee in picturesque cafes or treat your taste buds in one of the huge numbers of dessert shops. Hoi An will offer you and your family a foodie family adventure

vietnam family tour in hoi an

Discover Beach Life – An Bang Beach
Your family vacation will not be complete without visiting and relaxing on a white sandy beach, and Vietnam has some of the best beaches in the world.

A visit to Hoi An can offer you an opportunity to spend time relaxing on An Bang beach. An Bang is a small beach offering perfect white sand, palm trees, and many beach bars to relax in.

An Bang has a laid-back vibe of a beach holiday, with the added bonus of a bustling, traditional Vietnamese town close by. Your family will simply love relaxing on such a spectacular beach in a unique and beautiful location.

Discover impressive Bays – Halong Bay
Halong Bay is the most photographed and beautiful bay in Vietnam. Halong Bay is made up of over 3000 tiny islands.

Your Vietnam family tour could include a cruise around its many magical islands where you can explore caves, swim in the crystal blue waters and enjoy traditional food, all in a picture-perfect setting.

Stay overnight onboard the traditional junk and enjoy cocktails whilst watching the sunset. True tranquility.

A tour guide can take care of your family vacation so you can sit back, relax and make the most of the time together in an amazing country.

When you take pictures back home to friends and family, you can look through and remember all the unique and personal places you were able to visit.

An organised Vietnam tour really is a spectacular way of seeing the country with your family. You will feel welcomed, safe and relaxed in the company of Vivutravel tour guides.