Top things to Do on a Vietnam Family Tour

14, August, 2017

Top things to Do on a Vietnam Family Tour

Whatever your age, there is still time to learn. Travel broadens the mind, and that applies to people of all ages. The opportunity to travel to faraway places undoubtedly provides the opportunity for you to learn about something new. If you can take your children with you, they will derive enormous benefit from seeing a new culture, a place so different from home. What you will decide to include in a Vietnam family tour may well depend upon the age of the children. If they are fairly young, you may not want long days with plenty of travelling and perhaps you will limit the number of historical sites to visit. Similarly, if you have teenage children keen to be active and explore, there is a wonderful coastline, and fabulous hiking areas that they are certain to enjoy.

The Internet allows everyone to do research into a country. If you use Vivu Travel whose experience of organising Vietnam family tour matches anyone, you can seek advice and suggestions based upon the budget you have and the main interests of your family. When it comes to the best time to visit Vietnam, you may be restricted by the kids’ school holidays. There is never a time of year, even rainy season, when you and your family will not enjoy Vietnam. Here are some things that you might think about including in your itinerary?

Cu Chi Tunnels
The Cu Chi Tunnels north of Ho Chi Minh City were built by the Viet Cong both to provide shelter from the American bombing during the Vietnam War, but also to allow them to move around underground without being seen. It was home, hospital, school and storage.  The Vietnamese are smaller in stature as a rule than westerners and that is evident when you look at the Tunnels. Some sections have been enlarged to allow tourists to go inside but they are still fairly tight. No such problem for the kids and they will certainly enjoy moving around underground. It will certainly be an education about what local life was like during those war years. These tunnels are regularly included in Vietnam holidays. Vivu Travel, one of the top Vietnam travel agents, can arrange for tourists to see these tunnels during their time in the South.

family tour in vietnam cu chi tunnels

Kayaking in Halong Bay
Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site, a stunning place with a huge number of limestone islands on the north-east coast of Vietnam. You can board a traditional junk, modernised and very comfortable, to cruise the Bay. You can expect regular stops for swimming, and kayaking under your own steam is a real treat when the waters are calm. There are fewer nice places to watch the sun set with a cold drink before dinner. Read more: Kayaking tour in Halong Bay

Swimming, Snorkelling & Diving
Vietnam has an extensive coastline. There are many resorts that have developed from being tiny fishing villages to popular destinations for holidaying Vietnamese from the cities to overseas tourists. Vivu Travel will recommend the best places to enjoy the warm seas. Many are in Central and Central Southern Vietnam, while Phu Quoc, off the Cambodian mainland in the South China Sea is attracting more and more tourists each year.

The Streets of Hanoi
Vietnam is a largely rural country, but there are several cities of which the capital, Hanoi, is probably the most interesting. You can walk around the narrow streets of the old city as a family; it is a real experience that every one of you will enjoy.

hanoi old quarter vivutravel

Cookery Lessons
There are many places where you can learn some of the basic Vietnamese dishes, and why shouldn’t you take the kids with you? Vivu Travel will suggest a number of places throughout the Country where you can get involved in preparing dishes. The ‘’lesson’’ may well start at the Market where you can buy fresh produce before returning to cook. The ‘’lesson’’ will inevitably finish by sitting down and eating what you have cooked. Imagine being able to impressive friends when you return home and cook for them.

Vivu Travel is able to arrange for all the family to stay in a village with the locals. There are several choices in Vietnam, with the Northern Highlands close to the Chinese border a popular choice. Sapa is the best known of the towns in this region with its terraces where the ethnic tribes grow their rice, and the market where they sell their produce and local craftwork two of the highlights.

The Central Highlands close to the border with Laos offer a great hiking environment. There are streams, rivers and waterfalls, caves and pristine forest while the flora and fauna are excellent as well. This was an area where the French went to avoid the heat of lowland areas, and Dalat is an excellent base for anyone wanting to explore this part of Vietnam.

trekking tour in vietnam

The Backwaters of the Mekong
The Mekong is a huge river with many small channels off the main flows. Those small channels lead tourists through orchards, past villages, a stunning trip away from the major activity of the River. The locals are farmers as well as fishermen and the kids will love the hours they spend in a fairly unique setting. Certainly, unless they have travelled extensively, it is unlikely they will have seen a place like this before; a great addition to their education.

The Caves of Ninh Binh
Vietnam has some of the world’s largest caves. Some may not be accessible during heavy rains but as long as the weather is suitable, you can all climb into a rowing boat to go down a river and into one of the caves that have created tunnels in the limestone mountains.

Vietnam offers huge opportunities for families wanting to spend time together in a new environment. With the help of an experienced Vietnam travel agency, you can see it at its best to get memories to last you a lifetime.

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